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Interactive learning with Jamboard

Inspire your course participants with the mobile Jamboard app or the 55-inch, cloud-enabled whiteboard for new opportunities for collaborative and interactive learning.

Promote innovative collaboration

With the Google Cloud-based Jamboard app, course participants are even more involved. You have access to various editing tools via a tablet or a web browser and can collaborate with other participants and the course instructors.

As simple as a whiteboard, only a lot smarter

Jamboard is a smart display for creative interactive work. Just like on a traditional whiteboard, you can draw with a stylus; just take your hand to erase. You can also use images from a Google search, automatically save tasks in the cloud, and use the easy-to-read handwriting and shape recognition tool.

Share ideas while brainstorming or in class

With Jamboard, the learning content is visible and accessible to all participants in a jam session. Jams can be easily presented and shared in real time via Meet and you can communicate with people directly.

Students can watch a jam anywhere

Jamboard enables interaction in classic lessons, in group seminars or via distance learning. With the Jamboard app for Android and iOS, course participants and course instructors can easily get creative together using their smartphone, tablet or Chromebook.

"With creativity and selection tools like Jamboard, all course participants can find the right answers and present them just like a course instructor. This gives everyone in the course a voice regardless of their level of learning."

Steven Hope, Head of Independent Learning, Leeds City College

More effective learning thanks to the cloud

With the Jamboard display you can enrich your lesson plans and open up new opportunities for your students to collaborate.

Real-time learning and collaboration that is fun

The 55-inch display with 4K resolution reacts to the smallest movements. You can draw ideas and lesson content on it like you would on a whiteboard. You can move pictures, add notes, download items straight from the web, or drag and drop content from Google Docs, spreadsheets, or presentations onto the screen while you collaborate with other students anywhere in the world.

Mobile, powerful and ready to use

Jamboard is the central place for creative work in the classroom. Since it only has a single cable and is equipped with a practical roll stand, it can be moved very easily. There is no need to pair the stylus and eraser and you never have to stop working because the ink or the battery is empty.

The most common questions about Jamboard

How many people can use Jamboard at the same time?

Jamboard supports up to 16 touchpoints simultaneously on one device. A whole course can take part in the same jam in the Jamboard app via other Jamboards, smartphones and tablets.

For customers of Google Workspace for Education, Jamboard is available from as little as $ 4,999 (includes a Jamboard display, two stylus pens, an eraser, and a wall mount), plus a one-time administration and support fee of $ 600. There are no annual fees. Send an email to [email protected] or contact your reseller.

Innovative ways to use Jamboard in educational institutions

Here we have gathered some helpful resources for you to learn about using Jamboard.

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