What should I do after school?

After school - discover your options

The choice of your professional path

You learned, hung yourself in, at the end of the day you wrote your final exam and successfully completed school. But what's next? The school lays the foundation for your path to start your career. For now, you are probably happy that you left school. But remember that after school you will not have any job for the time being and now you have to ask yourself what you want to become one day. We help you not to lose track and would like to support you in choosing your professional path.

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All possibilities from A-Z

Start your apprenticeship or study straight away after school? Or take a break first? In our overview you will find all the options from A for au pair to S for language travel to W for work and travel.

Professional check

Still undecided in which profession you really want to get started? The job check will give you the answer, find out which job suits you and your interests!

Professions from A-Z

Get an overview of the various training professions. In our list from A for geriatric nurse to Z for dental assistant you will find all job descriptions in alphabetical order.

"What should I do after school?"

You probably immediately think of the two classic ways after school. Because many students choose to do an apprenticeship or a degree. But there are many more options than the two classics.

Maybe you already know exactly what you want to become, but you still have to wait for your professional station to start. You can also make good use of this time.

For example, you can volunteer for nature conservation or help a family abroad as an au pair.

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However, you may not be satisfied with your school leaving certificate yourself and would like to obtain a higher school diploma before you really start your professional future. Don't let the numerous possibilities drive you crazy.

It is important that you know what you can do. This includes the skills you have learned and, above all, your interests. You have to choose a path and follow it. First of all, however, you should decide whether you want to look at all the options from A-Z directly, or whether you want to start your career with the help of our guide.