What's your best worst cooking fiasco

There was a lot of discussion on the internet about the Heilbronn Week of "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal". At the center of criticism Babak "Babi" Samangi.

+++ November 12th +++ "My local, your local" in Heilbronn: These are the network reactions to the show

It is well known that a shit storm breaks out quickly on social media. The behavior of the cook and owner Babak "Babi" Samangi during the Heilbronn week of "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" also met with criticism on the Internet. "How Babi hit Sascha and his Green Chef (whom I personally think is awesome), I found under all the pig !!!" writes Diana Birke on Facebook.

Anja Frank agrees: "I found the gentleman from the Warsteiner Stuben so unsympathetic that I won't go in there anymore. You shouldn't behave so arrogantly!" There were also a few one-star ratings on Google in the days after the last episode.

"My bar, your bar": That's what Samangi says about the allegations

But what does the innkeeper say about it? "A few people criticized my reactions," Samangi explains to echo24.de. "I definitely overreacted. That's why I apologized." The owner also attributes his reactions to the stress during the filming.

But Samangi also made it clear: "Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone can form their own opinion. I put it wrong." On the other hand, Samangi received little negative feedback from his guests in the Warsteiner Stuben. On the contrary, they tended to speak to him about how he was portrayed on the show.

In addition, his criticism was not meant personally. "Everything was very harmonious with my colleagues. I liked them very much," says the chef at the Warsteiner Stuben. Samangi also quickly reconciled with Sascha Felten: "We had a drink together and it was good." Since the recording, the contact between the restaurateurs has been very friendly.

+++ November 8th, 7 pm +++ Final at "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" in Heilbronn - that's how it ended

Finaaaleee oho - on the last day of the Heilbronn week at "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal", professional chef Mike Süßer and the competition were guests at the golf club restaurant "Ehrenbergers 2.0". In addition to the individual evaluation for the culinary delight, there was of course the eagerly awaited resolution of the week. Where did it taste best?

"My local, your local": Week in Heilbronn goes into the final

As a reminder: the weekly edition of the Kabel1 show started in the "Warsteiner Stuben Steakhouse" in Heilbronn, on day two the team from the "Confessional" cooked in Käthchenstadt. From then on, boss Fabian Lidak was the front runner through the week. The competition from "Nalan's Butcherei" from Weinsberg or the Heilbronn "Restaurant Trappensee" was unable to oust him from this position.

"Ehrensberger 2.0" started on the last day of "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" in Zweiflingen like everyone else: with a visit from professional chef Mike Süßer. "The ambience is chic. The view is great," he said while looking at the green golf course. The TV chef was also amazed in the kitchen.

Heilbronn: "Ehrenbergers 2.0" with small weaknesses in "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal"

Chef Florian is only 23 years old, but is a specialist. "Sauces are still made right here. I celebrate that," said Susser, commenting on the manual steps. However, there were also two "constructive tips" in the test dinner that followed. Less salt on the napkin dumplings, be careful with the cooking point!

But unfortunately the young chef of the "Ehrenbergers 2.0" stumbled over exactly these points when the competition was dining. The guests were still full of praise for the starter, but the main course had a lot to complain about. Babak "Babi" Samangi in particular was dissatisfied twice with his burger and the replacement that was delivered. So that Susser would have liked to slow him down: "Dude, come on down now," he commented on the event.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn and the surrounding area: That's the winner

The kitchen then made amends with dessert. Apart from the Kaiserschmarrn there was nothing to complain about. Overall, the verdict was good - that should have made the chef, who had been badly bent in the meantime, conciliatory. There were 32 points - meaning the penultimate place for the time being.

Then it got really exciting. Mike Süßer's points were still missing for the final result. "Babi" didn't get off as well - mainly because the professional didn't like him too much. The previous leader received a grandiose ten points. "Nalans Butcherei", the "Restaurant Trappensee" and, last but not least, "Ehrenbergers 2.0" received a lot of praise from Süßer.

In the end, that wasn't enough to endanger the "confessional" and boss Fabian Lidak. With a clear margin, he secured the golden plate for his restaurant and the week's victory in "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal."

+++ November 8th: Final at "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" in Heilbronn in the "Ehrenbergers 2.0" in Zweiflingen

The Heilbronner Runde meets in Zweiflingen for the finale of the Kabel-Eins show "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal", more precisely in "Ehrenbergers 2.0". Frank Pasternacki spoils you with German, regional cuisine with an international twist. Connected directly to a golf club, the restaurant offers the perfect ambience for the final day. Who of the five restaurateurs can finally call the "golden plate" their own? That will be resolved tonight at 5:55 p.m.

+++ November 8th: "My local, your local": Steak causes a lot of excitement in the Tappensee restaurant

It's getting serious at "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" in Heilbronn. On the penultimate day of the Heilbronn week, the opponents met in the Trappensee restaurant. Once again, upscale cuisine was on the program, because both owner Sascha Felten and his head chef Martin learned at the renowned Hotel Traube Tonbach in the Black Forest. The chef of the Trappensee restaurant also bears the title of Green Chef in Germany, as he collects many ingredients himself in the forest and pays close attention to sustainability.

In addition to the furnishings, Mike Süßer is also impressed by the quality of the food in the Trappensee restaurant. "The food is great, great quality," says the TV chef about the chop. However: the top chef does not particularly like the name of the restaurant with balsamic vinegar on the plate. Nevertheless, his conclusion is positive: "The restaurant is worth every trip." But what is the verdict of the Heilbronn "My Local, Your Local" round?

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: rollercoaster of emotions in the Trappensee restaurant

It quickly becomes clear that the four comrades-in-arms came to the east of Heilbronn with high expectations. The four of them immediately won over the facility and the card. The starter is also well received. "I would order the chanterelle cream soup again at any time," says Frank Pasternacki. A faux pas happened to the team at the Trappensee restaurant: The starter from Babak "Babi" Samangi is missing the pine nuts. Felten's pragmatic solution: "I'll buy you a schnapps." That goes down well with Samangi.

But already with the main course the tide turns dramatically. Samangi is very unhappy with his steak and emphasizes: "With meat, the fun ends with me." In addition to the lack of herb butter, Samangi is bothered by the fact that the meat had a different origin than he ordered. Another detail does not suit the steak lover at all: "What I thought was a shame, I would have liked to cut my meat myself." His steak was served cut in half.

His behavior is anything but well received by his colleagues. "Babi has stepped in a little," says Fabian Lidak. Pasternacki also thinks: "It was clearly over the target." Samangi finally sees this and apologizes to Felten.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: criticism of the main course

Lidak, who, like Süßer, had ordered the Swabian Hall cutlet, found less drastic words for his main course. So the chop was completely over-salted - but after he scraped it off, it was very tasty. Overall, Lidak found the dish a bit over-seasoned. Pasternacki also found the sauce too hot and inedible.

On the other hand, Paternacki was full of praise for his dessert "Heiße Liebe": "It's difficult to describe because it's just delicious." But again the kitchen team forgets something. This time it hit Lidak, whose dessert is missing the raspberry sauce. In terms of taste, he was nevertheless satisfied.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: This is how the restaurateurs judge the Trappensee restaurant

The price-performance ratio is very well received by Feltens colleagues as well as by Süßer. "Top", so the comment of the TV chef. The competitors hold back when it comes to the points. With a solid 31 points, the Trappensee restaurant is very close to last place so far.

+++ November 7th: "My local, your local" in the Trappensee restaurant in Heilbronn

On the penultimate day of "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal", the Heilbronn tour takes you to the Trappensee restaurant. In the east of Käthchenstadt, the house is located on the lake of the same name - the perfect setting for a special culinary evening. Operator and chef Sascha Felten offers his guests German cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere. From 5:55 p.m., Kabel Eins will show whether that can be enough for the week's victory and thus the coveted "golden plate".

+++ November 7th: "My local, your local" feel-good atmosphere in "Nalan's Butcherei" +++

"The guests should say we're going to Nalan's today," says Nalan Kuru-Black, explaining the concept of her restaurant in Weinsberg. Since the focus is also on the meat, the name of the restaurant is made up of your first name and the word Butcherei. The reaction of Mike Süßer when he first rode the restaurant proves that the concept works: "You go in and immediately feel good."

"Nalans Butcherei" attaches great importance to regionality, and the restaurant also sources its goods from the surrounding area. All suppliers are also thanked on the card. "Every guest knows immediately that this is from my region," says Mike Süßer, who likes the concept very much. The local cuisine mixes chef Hassan with influences from his homeland Syria. How does that go down in the "My local, your local" competition?

"My local, your local" in Weinsberg: Positive feedback for Nalan's Butcherei

Before the colleagues from Kuru-Black try the food, they too notice the special atmosphere in the Weinsberger restaurant. "The menu looks noble and classy," says Fabian Lidak. The Heilbronn native didn't hold back with praise for the starter either: "The first impression is just amazing. It looks super-fresh." And that's how it tastes: "Perfection is a state that you can't achieve for me. But that was close."

The main course and dessert are also popular with the other "My Local, Your Local" campaigners. Only a little earth on the mushrooms, too little salt on the spaetzle or the pomegranate berries in the roast beef are cited as criticism. Lidak also recommends that chef Hassan put the gnocchi on a paper towel before serving. The dessert is particularly popular with Babak "Babi" Samangi: "I thought the dessert was great! Respect to the kitchen that they do so much themselves." Lidak is also full of praise again: "It was one of my highlights that I ate."

"My local, your local": Light prints for Nalan's Butcherei in Weinsberg

Nalan's butchery still didn't get full marks. In particular, Sascha Felten from the "Resturant Trappensee" deducted a few points for the criticism he made. The bottom line is for "Nalan's Butcherei" - before the final verdict from Mike Süßer - 35 points. And so the restaurant from Weinsberg is in second place in "My local, your local" behind the "Confessional" from Heilbronn.

+++ November 6th: "My local, your local" in "Nalan's Butcherei" in Weinsberg +++

Just in time for the middle of the week, "Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" has meat on the menu. Because: In "Nalan's Butcherei" in Weinsberg, the trained restaurant specialist Nalan Kuru-Black serves her guests high-quality meat dishes. International influences provide that extra kick. The goal is clear: Kuru-Black is aiming for nothing less than the "golden plate". And that is what she wants to achieve with "good cuisine and genuine warmth". Will it work? All curious people can follow this on Kabel Eins from 5:55 p.m.

+++ November 6th: Confessional scores with fine cuisine +++

In the Heilbronn restaurant of the same name, Fabian Lidak proves that you can not only confess in the confessional, but also eat well. According to the cook, there are two anecdotes about the origin of the name. One says that the original tenant actually had a confessional in the restaurant. The second theory traces the name back to the fact that the tenant had a drink in a pub with that name and took over the name.

Lidak has been the owner and cook of the Beichstuhl since 2018, previously he cooked in a five-star castle hotel. In the confessional in Heilbronn, the 33-year-old is now realizing his concept of sharing. Two or more people share a dish, which for Lidak has the advantage that he can, for example, prepare a whole duck. "That also tastes better," says the Heilbronn man.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: Sweethearts enthusiastic!

Top chef Mike Süßer is immediately enthusiastic about Lidak's concept: "I think that's great, it also gives the whole thing a sustainability idea." Susser is also enthusiastic about the two-course duck menu prepared for him by the Heilbronn restaurateur. "For me, it's a bombshell in terms of taste," says the TV chef. "I have to say that this is a completely new experience for me."

At the same time, Süßer declares Lidak to be a favorite on the "golden plate": "The competition is open again! We have one of the best chefs in the region at the start." The only question is, can the Heilbronn man also convince his colleagues?

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: eating a "palatal orgasm"

The answer: Yes, it can. The Heilbronner group was won over by the furnishings and the ambience of the confessional. The colleagues quickly notice that they are dealing with high-quality cuisine here. Frank Pasternacki, who invites you to the grand finale in his restaurant "Ehrenbergers 2.0" on Friday, praises the menu: "Short, but not boring."

The other restaurateurs hardly criticize the food itself. But on the contrary! Nalan Kuru-Black in particular is enthusiastic about the food in the confessional. "I could get into the law." The owner of Nalan's Butcherei even describes the dessert as a "taste orgasm".

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: It's raining points for the "confessional"

With so much praise, a high rating of the fellow campaigners for the confessional is obvious. That’s how it happens. Lidak gets two times nine points and two full points of ten points for his food. The bottom line is 38 meters and the confessional pushes the Warsteiner Stuben into second place.

+++ November 5th: "My local, your local" in the "Confessional" in Heilbronn +++

At 5:55 p.m. the next round of "My local, your local" is on Kabel Eins - in the "Confessional" in Heilbronn. Chef and owner Fabian Lidak not only offers his guests fine cuisine, but also an "innovative sharing concept". Curious? Then you should definitely tune in when the fight for the "golden plate" goes into the second round.

+++ November 5th: Kick-off in the "Warsteiner Stuben" +++

"The only true steakhouse in Heilbronn." Even the outdoor advertising of the "Warsteiner Stuben" by managing director and cook Babak "Babi" Samangi is like declaring war on his colleagues.

Professional chef Mike Süßer, who Samangi has to convince as well as the other four innkeepers, sees it that way. But the dress rehearsal with the TV chef is not going quite according to plan. Samangi does not hit the doneness of Süßers Steak, but that doesn't bother the professional chef as much as another detail: the baked potato. "The baked potato is not a baked potato, but a cooked potato," explains Süßer. The TV chef, however, is satisfied with the concept of the traditional Heilbronn restaurant: "I would not change the concept."

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: praise and criticism from fellow campaigners

Samangi's colleagues also have doubts about the baked potato from the Warsteiner Stuben, which Süßer jokingly dubbed "Trump Potatoes". Competitor Nalan Kuru-Black expresses criticism right at the beginning. At first she misses a vegetarian dish on the menu, later it is the spicy goulash soup, which the restaurateur from Weinsberg is not spicy enough. In addition, the numerous finished products are not particularly well received by the competition.

With the quality of the meat, Samangi, who employs a meat sommelier especially, manages to convince his colleagues. Except for the tomahawk steak, the chef from Heilbronn hits all the cooking points this time. However, the cause here was a communication error between the service and the kitchen.When it comes to desserts, Samangi's interpretation of the Italian classic Tiramisu triggers enthusiasm among fellow campaigner Sascha Felten. Instead of amaretto, the chef at the "Warsteiner Stuben" used Ramazotti. "I always find it exciting," says the operator of the "Restaurant Trappensee", who helped with the preparation. In terms of taste, however, the Ramazzotti did not get through

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: good start for "Warsteiner Stuben"

The price-performance ratio of the "Warsteiner Stuben" in Heilbronn also impressed the other restaurateurs. In the end, Samangi achieved a good 32 points with his "Warsteiner Stuben". The outcome of Mike Susser's assessment will be resolved at the end of the week.

+++ November 4th: "My local, your local" starts with "Warsteiner Stuben Steakhouse" in Heilbronn +++

It starts tonight: At the Kabel Eins show "My local, your local" in Heilbronn, five restaurateurs give everything to win the "golden plate" in the end. The start is the "Warsteiner Stuben Steakhouse" in Heilbronn. And chef and managing director Babak "Babi" Samangi promises his guests a lot - namely: To be the only true steakhouse in Käthchenstadt. Can he live up to this claim? From 5:55 p.m. it will show. When the battle for the "golden plate" begins.

+++ October 4th: "My local, your local" in Heilbronn - five chefs give everything +++

Five restaurateurs from Heilbronn and the region are fighting for the "golden plate" at the Kabel-Eins documentary soap "My local, your local". The winner will also receive prize money of 3,000 euros.

With "My local, your local", the focus is on the dishes of the respective restaurants. At the end of the day, each participant evaluates what ends up on their own plate with a number of points between one and ten. But also the ambience, the selection of food, the range of beverages, the service, the price-performance ratio and even the kitchen equipment are included in the score.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn: the broadcast date has been set

While the food is being prepared, the competitors are allowed to look over the shoulder of the host. TV chef Mike Süsser also visits the restaurateurs' kitchens and even picks up a spoon himself.

The shooting in Heilbronn was completed almost three months ago. The broadcast date has now been set. From November 4th to 8th, "Mein Lokal dein Lokal" will be broadcast in Heilbronn on Kabel eins. There is an episode every evening at 5:55 p.m. But until then, not even the participants know who won.

"My local, your local" in Heilbronn and the region: These restaurants are included

This time the restaurant "Warsteiner Stuben Steakhouse" from Heilbronn will be there. Chef and managing director Babak "Babi" Samangi will start on Monday. He wants to convince his competitors with his meaty palate friends.

On Tuesday it continues with the restaurant "Beichtstuhl", which is also from Heilbronn. Chef and owner Fabian Lidak offers his guests not only fine cuisine but also innovative "sharing". In the middle of the week, "Nalan's Butcherei" from Weinsberg has the opportunity to convince. Nalan Kuru-Black offers high quality meat dishes with international influences.

On Thursday it goes to the "Restaurant Trappensee" in Heilbronn. The operator and chef Sascha Felten wants to score points with his colleagues with German cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere. For the grand finale, the participants will come to the "Ehrenbergers 2.0" restaurant in Zweiflingen. At Frank Pasternacki, German and regional cuisine with an international twist is on the menu. Where does it taste best?

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