What is Te 3

Performance meets versatility

Kaufering - With the TE 3 rotary hammer, Hilti expanded its TE range in 2016 to include a fast all-rounder that handles drilling, chiselling and screwdriving work equally professionally. The power supply unit scores with high performance and service life, low weight and handy design.

When developing the TE-3, versatility and an optimal ratio between weight and performance were the maxims. The result is a tool in the 3-kilogram class that complements the Hilti rotary hammer portfolio with a powerful all-rounder for almost every application on the construction site. With the powerful TE 3 series, Hilti closes the gap between the lightweight TE 1 and TE 2 rotary hammers and the handy TE 7 tools.

The challenges in the craft are always diverse. Series applications and light chiselling work in particular, where a light and fast but also reliable device is important.
With 850 watts of motor power and a weight of only 3 kg, the TE 3 offers an optimal power-to-weight ratio. This makes the device ideal for series drilling such as dowel holes, overhead work or light chiselling work.

With just one device, construction professionals can tackle drilling, chiselling and screwing work: the TE 3 can drill holes in concrete from 4 millimeters to 28 millimeters and drill holes in steel, wood and masonry without impact. An electronic switch ensures precise drilling of the substrate. Corrective chiselling work and the clamping of cable ducts in concrete and masonry can also be done with the TE 3 thanks to its powerful chisel function.
The depth stop on the rotary hammer can be fixed at the push of a button and can therefore be easily adjusted to the desired length or used in tight spaces. Thanks to its robust construction and long service life, the TE 3 is a reliable partner on the construction site.

Accessories for convenience and versatility
A dust collector device is available for the Hilti TE 3 rotary hammer on request: The dust collector can be easily connected and picks up dust and falling fragments when drilling overhead, so that nothing gets in the eyes and work is easier.

A quick release is also available for drilling and screwing in wood, metal, masonry and other materials such as plastic. The quick-release chuck for maximum application diversity is compatible with the TE 3-M, while the TE 3-C has a fixed SDS drill chuck for drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling.

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Published in issue: May 2017 | Page 18