Where can I find Chinese business partners

I stumbled upon this page via google and read through some threads and I think this is the right place for my request: wink:

What exactly I plan to do:
- I am very familiar with the areas of web design, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, email marketing) and e-commerce (own online shop, Amazon)
- Now that I have clarified everything with my tax advisor, I will set up a GmbH in the next few weeks
- In various courses, lectures and articles it was recommended to import the products from China. I wanted to try first to have the items produced in Europe. After around 50 discussions with manufacturers, it became clear to me that this would be very difficult due to the excessively high prices. I am already in contact with some manufacturers / dealers from China.
- Now I have come to the decision to have the majority of the goods produced in Asia
- I will set up my own brand / have it registered and mark products and packaging with the brand logo (private labeling)
- Realistic sales target: 300-1200 pieces per product per month

Step by step to the perfect product:
- Market analysis to find products with the highest possible demand and the lowest possible competition (poor product presentation & product quality)
- Find potential manufacturers of the product *
- Negotiate conditions (MOQ, price, packaging, etc) with the manufacturer *
- Order samples and rate / analyze *
- order production *
- Quality control *
- Shipping of the goods * (import)

For some of these points, many colleagues have either long waiting times or various problems over time (poor communication with the manufacturer, problems with the quality of reorders, incorrect labeling of the products, etc.).

I would like to work with a partner in China right from the start so that we can source new products at regular intervals. The business model is specially designed to have little effort after the launch of a product. So it's very scalable.

So I'm looking for a business partner in China! : wink:
Especially with the lists (see above) that are marked with an asterisk *, in my opinion there are many advantages to working with a Chinese-speaking partner on site.

About the exact details e.g. We are welcome to talk to you about payment in a conversation. Since I think that many potential interested parties are entrepreneurially active and recognize the potential, I am happy to give up company shares after a test phase.

Facebook: wolfang.mittermair.9