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Diploma and master theses

Diploma and master theses are scientific work. The aim of the work is to show that you have mastered the selected methodological tools and, if necessary, expand / adapt / apply them, and that you are familiar with the scientific state-of-the-art and can build on it. The latest state of science can usually not be taken from textbooks, but scientific specialist articles must be consulted. A useful link to search for literature is

The VHB Journal Ranking provides a guide to the quality of specialist journals:

Use either the American Author-Year (preferred) or the German citation style with footnotes. Make sure that only works appear in your bibliography that you also mention in the text, and that all information on the cited work is available (authors and / or editor, title, year of publication, journal / publisher, location, pages from to, volume , etc.).

We recommend latex as an alternative to Word. A tutorial to get started can be found here, for example:

General information about Notification, formal design, submission and Forms you'll find here: