How was sex in the Middle Ages

: Sex in the Middle Ages

According to the website "" there are "two opposing ideas of sexuality in connection with the Middle Ages": The church shapes society with strict regulations that do not allow anything sexual. The very thought of sexual things is a sin. People live out their sexuality roughly. Farmers do it behind the bushes. Priests seduce women who go to confession and young boys visit married women when their husbands are away.
These are two completely different behaviors, but they existed side by side in medieval society. "

It is also described there that sex was something that the man did with the woman and not what two people did with each other. (The man was always the one who took over the active part. Once he took over the passive part, he was considered abnormal and acted against the natural occurrences.)

In the Middle Ages, the basic rules of sexuality were laid down, the thoughts of which we can still find in our heads today and which influence our sexual behavior. All European countries adopted the ideas from that time.
During the early Middle Ages there was monogamous marriage and cohabitation among the nobility (legally permitted illegitimate union) and multiple marriages, which the church did not recognize. In the course of the 13th century prostitution and other areas of sexual behavior began to be laid down, and the church punished adultery as "fornication".

In the Middle Ages, when you went to a bathhouse, you wrapped a cloth around your stomach or you were completely naked. In the Middle Ages, bathhouses were not only used for social gatherings, but also for the treatment of diseases and by some bathers as a brothel. In such a case, the bathroom operator had female employees for the sexual satisfaction of his male visitors. It was also not uncommon for some people to "enjoy themselves with sexual practices in front of all the other bathers."
While we now refer to pedophilia as a mental illness, in the Middle Ages it was quite normal for adults to have sexual intercourse with 14-year-old girls or boys. You were sexually mature earlier, girls were marriageable at 12, boys at 14. They were not referred to as children but as "little adults" and so marriage with them was consummated as usual.