Same sex marriage is legal in Nepal

Gay Travel Index: Homosexuals face the death penalty in 15 countries

Homosexuals are currently facing the death penalty in 15 of 202 countries and regions worldwide. In at least 45 states, people were murdered for being gay or transsexual in the past year. This is the result of the recently published Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2020, which has now been published for the eighth time since 2012.

With 20 minus points, the Russian republic of Chechnya comes off worst (202nd place). Somalia (rank 201, 19 minus points) is in penultimate place. With 18 minus points each, Iran and Saudi Arabia, which opened to western tourists for the first time in 2019, together ranked 199th.

The United Arab Emirates (195th place, 15 minus points) and Qatar (190th place, 14 minus points) also performed poorly - both countries in which tourism plays an important role.

Death penalty for homosexuals enshrined in law

What the regions and nations named here have in common is that they have enshrined the death penalty for homosexuals in law, even if it is not always exercised. Other countries that face the death penalty for homosexuality according to the Gay Travel Index are Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Mauritania, Pakistan, and parts of Nigeria and Indonesia where Islamic Sharia law applies. The Sultanate of Brunei only officially introduced the death penalty by stoning in 2019, but has not yet practiced it after international protests.