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Celadon Technology Company Ltd. - Celadon Tech is a precision coating manufacturer that applies a wide range of substrate coatings to all kinks in the adhesive solution.

Precision vinyl film coating calendered for over 12 years | Supply of surface treatment and adhesive solutions | Celadon Tech

Located in Taiwan, Celadon Technology Company Ltd. has been a film coating (PVC, PET, paper, textile) manufacturer since 2007. Main product including UV Tech Board, which is 100% marble look, 100% easier to install and maintain, and save up to 300% cost. In addition to high-quality self-adhesive vinyl product lines, metal foils, glitter foils, chrome foils, etc.

ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 certified film supplies with thick film technology that can coat up to 0.17mm and still maintain their stable, reliable quality. With the partial control technology, we were able to deliver coating solutions for the areas of RFID, solar panels, marine and car packaging. In addition to vinyl and decorative foils for the CMP pad in the semiconductor industry, high-performance sports adhesives are also suitable for outdoor use.

Celadon Tech offers its customers vinyl films, decorative films and industrial tapes with advanced technology and 12 years of experience. Celadon Tech ensures that every customer's requirements are met.