Which country gave us gospel music

Gospel music

Gospel and justice - they belong together

Justice is a central theme in traditional gospel music. Especially in the Spirituals, the popular songs of the black slaves of North America, the call for freedom and justice rings out: “Nobody knows the trouble I've seen” or “Let my people go” are well-known examples of this.

Some of the old gospel songs were encrypted directions for fleeing slaves. The "Jordan", for example, was a synonym for the Ohio River, the border with the states in which slavery was prohibited. A coherent network of helpers, accommodation and transport options, the so-called "Underground Railroad", was created. The songs were an important aid in passing this information on undetected. Music, belief and action were one and the same thing even then.

A look at the repertoire

The slavery of those days no longer exists - injustice and dependence have remained. That is why modern gospel music (contemporary gospel) has retained its longing for justice. Benefit concerts are part of the annual program of many choirs. And a look at the repertoire shows: Some songs tell of the longing for freedom and rescue from captivity. From the hope that one day we will overcome the challenges of this world. From gratitude to the incredible grace to experience joy and peace. They remind us of our responsibilities that we have and which call us not to put our light under a bushel. There will be no peace and freedom as long as there is injustice. There is a lack of food, education and fair opportunities, and a fair distribution of profits and burdens. Every day for billions of people. That's why we sing these songs.

Sing the good news and take it seriously

Gospel means “good news!” That is why many choirs say “Gospel is more than music!” - That's right! But what's that more? The message of gospel is: You are infinitely important to God. He comforts you, gives you strength for everyday life and hope for your life. In Jesus he comes very close to you. He is your savior from fear and despair.

This message is not just spread in words. It flows from the energy of the gospel songs and the joy of the singers. Even in everyday life, when we take responsibility for those who need help.