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Buy Google reviews and attract customers

More sales instead of more hassle thanks to good ratings on all relevant portals
Five reasons why you should Buy reviews should:

  • Because more than 83% of customers read your reviews before making a purchase decision
  • Because many and good reviews create trust in your company
  • Because many and good reviews are an important ranking criterion for local search queries
  • Because bad reviews from competitors or former employees jeopardize your sales
  • Because bad reviews not only make new customers hesitate, but also unsettle your regular customers

83% of customers state that reviews on the Internet are very important to them when choosing a provider or service provider. Providers with poor ratings have been shown to have worse cards than well-rated companies.

Now German Buy Google Reviews and win new customers

Buy Google Reviews are the "mother of all reviews", because Google is omnipresent and is used for more than 93% of all search queries in German-speaking countries. The Germans trust Googl rating and never get the idea that reviews might not be correct there.

In particular, it is not known to be straight negative reviews were often not written by customers, but by competitors or former employees and the capabilities of your company are thus poorly presented.

Buy Google Reviews - Avoid trouble
Therefore, if your ratings on Google are bad, you can assume that you will lose a lot of sales to your competitors with good ratings. After all, that's how you act, right? You choose the potentially best as your service provider.

According to a study by Harvard University from February 2018, companies with an average rating of less than 3.3 stars are not chosen at all. Conversely, service providers with an average of 4.6 stars or better 30% more sales than lower-rated companies. Your company appears for sure and serious.

Google doesn't delete reviews, so you need to take action

The search engine Google is the most frequently used source when it comes to finding products or services and obtaining information. Customers looking for regional providers are directed to the eye-catching Google Maps hits on the first page of Google. In addition to address and contact details, customers will also find reviews here.

Don't risk losing sales - buy Google reviews now

When you are considering whether it makes sense to buy reviews, are you considering how you yourself behave on the Internet? Would you consult a doctor who only has 2.5 out of five possible stars, or would you be too high a risk that something goes wrong with you, or even with your child? Or would you like to have your car repaired in a workshop whose ratings are poor? No? Then you feel like millions of other consumers. Nobody wants to be the next to have bad experiences. Because "there will be some truth in it" says the vernacular more appropriately.

17 times as often negative reviews are written, even though more than 98% of customers are satisfied. Getting good reviews in writing is not easy and those who do not compensate for negative feedback lose customers to the competition.

Mathematically, by the way, for each one-star rating you need ten 5-star ratings to get back to an overall average of 4.6.

More sales

Positive reviews create trust and strengthen the company's reputation. This increases your conversion rate and demonstrably also the number of visitors to your company. In addition, you can counteract negative review campaigns by competitors with real reviews.

More reach

With regular new recommendations or reviews, recommendations, likes, comments & Co. you can reach new (regular) customers very effectively.

Anonymity & Security

Your contact details are safe with us. Your customer data will not be passed on by us.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With Ratings-Buy you buy without risk! If you do not receive your product in the specified time, you will get your money back from us! Even if there are other problems we try everything to find a common solution. If this is not possible, you will also get your money back.

Buy German Google Reviews

Buying reviews is ok!

You have moral concerns Google reviews to buy? Do you have problems moving into the gray area? You don't need to, because you have a primary obligation to yourself, your family, your employees, and the families of your employees. That they don't end up on the street or that they won't have anything to eat tomorrow because they had moral concerns about having the true performance of your company documented.

By the way, don't be afraid of warnings:
You can only receive warnings from competitors who can also prove this purchase. But this is practically impossible.

Look into the eyes of your employees or into the eyes of your children and then don't hesitate to press the order button. They will thank you when you come home in the evening happy and without frustration.

And stop getting annoyed by malicious competitors or former employees (and their friends) from now on. We create the balance to put your company in the light it deserves.

Buy Google Reviews, Why? To attract potential customers.

You could do this:

1.) You choose the number of reviews you want. Do not choose these too tightly, you need 10x 5 star ratings to reduce a bad rating to an average of 4.6 stars. It's just math, not a sales trick.

2.) You write down the link to the relevant Google profile (your) in the profile provided

3.) You enter your VAT ID, if available, then we will calculate the purchase price without VAT.

4.) You pay your Google reviews with PayPal and enjoy full buyer protection.

  • 10 Google reviews
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast delivery
  • Personal advisor
only € 170 .- / per order
  • 20 Google reviews
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast delivery
  • Personal advisor
  • Keyword integration
  • 50 Google reviews
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast delivery
  • Personal advisor
  • Keyword integration

three scenarios to consider:

1.) You have received only a few reviews in the last few years and now you have many to be written in short intervals.

2.) You have received relatively bad ratings so far (3.7 or worse) and now you only get good ratings and they may also get them very quickly.

3.) And that's really difficult to grasp. You have significantly more reviews than the industry average in your region.

In these three cases we have to go much slower. Publish a review every 4 days or even every 2nd week. Please note this.

Existing customers automatically receive an 8% discount from their second order

Notes on the process:

  1. We start with the reviews within 48 hours after receipt of payment
  2. We only write a review every two to four days, so not all of them at once, otherwise this will be noticed
  3. You can enter the text if you want. Please write us the texts by email
  4. Each verified review is published by a different team member
  5. You get access to our customer portal i.e. full control for you

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  • Do I get an invoice?

    Of course, you will receive an invoice with the VAT shown, which you have to pay either in advance or according to the specified payment term.

  • What payment methods do you have?

    As an agency, we offer you the usual B2B payment methods in advance and PayPal (PayPal only for existing customers from the 2nd order).

  • What is the difference between review and rating?

    A review is a type of criticism that evaluates and introduces a specific item. This form of criticism is usually put in writing in print or digital media.
    A rating, on the other hand, supports the written review in that it is reflected, for example, in the number of stars (usually 1-5).

  • Why do I need positive reviews?

    More and more potential customers decide to buy a product or use a service online based on positive reviews. The more positive reviews a product has, the more credibility it gets, which has been shown to increase sales by up to 44%. That is why companies have been relying more and more on comparison and rating portals for years.

  • When do I get the first review / rating?

    Immediately after you have placed your order, we will start planning your campaign. Although some reviews typically go through a verification process, you can expect your first review within the first week. Experience has shown that it does not make sense to submit a large number of reviews too quickly. We therefore recommend displaying around 10 ratings per month. In order to generate the best possible organic growth, we adapt our frequencies to your previous rating profile. For these reasons, our testers are encouraged to only evaluate products that are only expected to work after a few days afterwards.

  • Is a positive review guaranteed?

    From our extensive pool of experienced product testers, we select the testers who both perfectly match your product or service and who give an unbiased and correspondingly positive assessment.

  • Will the review persist?

    We stand for quality. That is why we only work with certified and German-speaking product testers. Our customers only receive real reviews, so that the likelihood of involuntary deletion is practically eliminated. However, since we cannot oblige our test persons to submit a review, it can still happen that a review does not reach the desired target platform or is involuntarily deleted. In this case, we will credit you with this review without being asked. So you only pay for the reviews that you have definitely received - fair and transparent.

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