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Expert knowledge: retrofitting shutters and shutters

Shutters and shutters can be retrofitted at home - we will clarify with an expert what needs to be considered

Eva Zimmermann 3. May 2018
Houzz Germany, freelance editor. Journalist with a degree in architecture and a penchant for less - and sometimes more.
More beautiful than any roller shutter, more valuable than any blind: window shutters for the facade or shutters for the interior not only serve as sun protection, they are also a noble design element that subtly enhances the building. Window and door expert Uwe Glock explains what you should pay attention to when planning, selecting and installing.
What is the difference between shutters and shutters?
Shutters are attached to the outer wall, Shutters in the interior. “Shutters come from southern countries. They are installed instead of roller blinds or blinds and not only serve as sun protection, but also as privacy screens. They can be folded and pushed back and forth, ”says Uwe Glock. He is responsible for project management and order processing at window and door expert Fritz Glock.
Classic shutters, on the other hand, are installed on the outside, can be opened to the sides and also have an insulating function.
“Shutters are a niche product. So far we have only installed it once. The standard is actually that Shutter in the outside spacebecause it not only protects against sunlight, but also absorbs heat, ”says Glock.
Shutters are custom made
Shutters and shutters are always made to measure. Because the window sizes of a house are usually individual, the shutters must also be adapted to these individual dimensions. “We build shutters ourselves,” says Glock. "In the case of aluminum shutters, we may use profiles from certain manufacturers."

What the size concerns, the rule of thumb is that windows that are over 2.50 meters high or wider than 1.00-1.20 meters should be better equipped with a different sun protection. “An external venetian blind system or screen system is more suitable here,” says Glock. Also the Distance to the neighboring windows plays a role in the planning: "If the windows are too close to each other and you therefore have to subdivide the shops into small sections, this is at the expense of the optics."
Which architectural style do shutters go with?
The shutter is a component that looks particularly good on historical buildings, because that's where it belongs, in terms of architectural history. More modern buildings, on the other hand, are often equipped with an updated variant, the sliding shutter.

Sliding shutters - Update of a classic house jewelry
What material are shutters made of?
“The classic and most beautiful material for window shutters is of course wood,” says Uwe Glock. “In more modern shops, powder-coated aluminum is also used. There is less danger that the shutters will warp. In addition, it is not susceptible to weathering and does not have to be restored like wood. "
What material are shutters made of?
Wood is almost always used in the interior. The shutters are not exposed to wind and weather and are best shown to advantage in the natural material.

Are plastic shutters or shutters suitable?
“We have never used plastic before. I don't think much of it either, because plastic tends to warp when exposed to heat, ”says Glock. Since shutters and shutters always come into contact with the sun and heat, the plastic solution is generally rather impractical.
Is it better to have rigid or movable slats for window shutters and shutters?
Shutters can be equipped with both rigid and movable slats. “Experience has shown that most customers Shutters rigid slats to prefer. In any case, they are seldom moved in everyday life, ”says Uwe Glock. The small flaps are made in a half-open partial position, which guarantees an optimal entry of light.

Shutters for the interior, however, are more likely adjustable manufactured because they are used like an interior roller blind or a Venetian blind. They also serve as privacy screens and should be adjustable by hand.
Interior shutters
Which colors go well with shutters and shutters?
Almost all colors are used outdoors. "Dark grays and greens are popular here," says Glock. “Inside, white and natural wood are in demand. Because if you already have Holzshutters, then of course you should be able to see them too. "

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Retrofit shutters - the planning
Before starting the execution, some basic points must be clarified:
  • Are the shutters off practical Reasons built in (sun protection, blackout) or they serve primarily as Design element?
  • Are they mostly as Design element planned, operation plays a subordinate role.
  • In the case of practical use, it must be clarified: Is it okay for me to open the windows to the shutters by hand to move, or supposed to move to the stores by crankbe served, or even with Engine operation (Comfort variant)?
  • Shutters can also be driven by a motor.
  • With a motor drive, a Time control build in.
Retrofit shutters - this is how long the installation takes
The pure assembly time of shutters on the facade amounts, due to the high degree of prefabrication, mostly to two days. However, if the house has to be scaffolded because shutters are to be installed on upper floors, this increases the installation time. If the shops are motorized, electrical installations must also be carried out.

in the inner space you usually don't need scaffolding. A ladder is usually sufficient there for assembly. Usually you come with me one day Installation time.
Shutter (interior shutters)
Is it advisable to install shutters yourself?
“Anyone who is well versed in their craft is welcome to try it. There are, however, tricks and tricks that only an expert knows. Certain tools are then also missing. The layman does not have drilling jigs that we prefabricate. In general, I would advise against it, as even the highest quality product will look bad if the assembly was carried out incorrectly. The value of a good window shutter only really comes into its own when it is properly installed. "