Are cell phones cheap in Dubai

Dubai calling

In Germany everyone always has their smartphone with them and makes calls and surfs with them. Why not use it in Dubai to surf the Internet or communicate with friends. Here you should be particularly careful not to fall into the cost trap. If you switch on the smartphone in Dubai with a German mobile operator then this is of course possible without any problems. But that's where the trap lurks and roaming costs can be very high. Therefore you should take out the Sim card and buy a Wasel card from Etisalat. This is a prepaid card that you can make calls like in Germany and recharge if necessary. You only need a code that you can buy anywhere. But first you have to register with Etisalat and this is best done in an office that is also found in the big shopping malls, for example the Dubai Mall. Then you get the card and the employee asks if he would like to top up the card with a basic amount. Then you can have the card topped up immediately and get started immediately and you are in the Etisalat network and can make cheap calls to Germany. For the purchase of the Wasel Card there is a small amount that you should of course invest in. But there are other providers in the United Arab Emirates like you who have similar cards. But Etisalat is like Telekom in Germany and the largest local provider.

Make cheap calls to Dubai

Of course you can also call from Germany to Dubai and the area code is 00971 and you can call someone in the city directly from a German landline network. But you should always find out about the costs beforehand and also choose a prepaid provider where you can make cheap calls. It is of course better to be called, which is not so expensive for the caller.

Make cheap calls to Germany

As mentioned above, you should buy a prepaid mobile card for your smartphone or cell phone and then you always have an overview of the costs. If the card is empty then you can reload it with an amount. If you make a call through a German provider, you certainly pay a lot more money for the call, and they can be paid for well. The area code for Germany is 0049 and you can then call someone immediately.

Make calls from your hotel room

As a rule, the hotel rooms in Dubai also have a telephone and this can also be used to call Germany. You should only do this in an emergency because the costs are of course very expensive. Better to buy a phone card or Wasel card where you can make calls much cheaper.