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Coding a car - Unlock new functions on your old vehicle

From, last updated on: March 23, 2021

How does a vehicle coding work?

A new car can often come with fresh, unexpected Functions inspire. Sometimes it is enough new designto evoke the feeling of something new. However, there are ways that you are not buy a new car directly if you have e.g. certain functions in your vehicle.

By your car encode, namely, you can Change and activate functions on itthat you didn't even know before. It can be about the setting of the Light going to the color of the Displays with the Speed ​​indicator, around Theft protectionand more. You can read how this works and what you have to consider in our guide.

FAQ: Auto code

What can coding the car do?

If you have your car coded, you can activate certain functions in modern vehicles.

What are the functions?

When coding, all functions can be activated that were fundamentally built in by the manufacturer. This can include, for example, a cruise control, the side mirrors, which can be folded in by radio, or the regulation of the brightness of the high beam.

Can I code my car myself?

This is entirely possible with the right software and tools. Activating a function in the workshop costs between 10 and 60 euros.

Automotive coding - what is it?

Basically, you can think of a car as one computer just imagine one who is on four wheels moves. All of them are in this computer Control units anchoredwhich the different Control functions of the car can. However, not all functions are provided by the automaker from the outset unlocked. Here comes the for the vehicle Coding into play: if you code your car accordingly, you can Find and use functions.

There are certain Values ​​and parameters in said control units changedto adapt the car to your ideas and needs - as far as possible - adapt. Should it be a leased Trade vehicle or if you just have your Change mind, you can do these operations again cancel.

Note, however, that you not every car can code. Whether it is possible and in what extentdepends on several criteria:

  • model seriesfrom which the vehicle originates
  • Furnishing of the vehicle
  • Software version of the vehicle

In the following we give some examples of Functionsthat you may have with your cart unlock can:
  • Activation of the Cruise control
  • Collapse the Side mirrorwhen the car completed becomes
  • Collapse the Side mirror via Wireless
  • Activation or deactivation of the Seat belt reminder-Display
  • Opening all doorsas soon as the engine is switched off
  • Activation of various Cameras if existent
  • brightness of daytime running lights and high beam

Possibilities for coding by a car - have it coded or do it yourself?

First of all you should know that for the encodings one direct access to the vehicle is needed. Every current car should have one OBD access (On-board diagnosis). To code the car, a software which was developed for such a process - for Volkswagen AG vehicles this is, for example, the Windows-based one VCDS program (VAG-COM diagnosis system).

Is the corresponding computer with such a Diagnostic software connected to the car, the control units can use it read out and changed become. In order to code the car with the software, the vehicle's system can also use Updates be brought up to date (flashed).

You can now consider using your car code yourself want - this is possible if you are willing to deal with that technical know-how to deal with, to get the appropriate instruments for it and the car to learn to code. costs will you that less in the long term, because you will then be able to do further coding or undo as you like if you got the taste.

In addition, the car has to be coded too via apppossible, provided this provided by the manufacturer become. There can be basic and premium functions, which can be found in the Extent of the coding provided distinguish.


However, you can also contact professional codersturn - there are plenty of offers. In some cases these are also quite flexible.

For example, in a corresponding Workshop your car on site have it coded if one is near you. Some providers also come personally at your hometo make the activations. However, it is also possible for the encoder to send you the necessary hardware sent according to the instructions on your vehicle to installso that the features you want from far to be activated.

The price is set by the provider and can range from 10 to 60 euros for individual codes.

What do I have to pay attention to if I want to code my car?

Before you take action, are also some things to consider. So you should find out if there is when you encode your car that Affected by the manufacturer's warranty. For example, if someone “breaks code” the software in their car, the manufacturer's guarantee would likely not grab.

In addition, the Changes with the Rules of traffic law go conform. This can relate, for example, to the brightness of the lights.

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