Is France a poor country

The Prosperity of Nations, Part 3: France

The series: How is income distributed in the countries of Europe, which regions are wealthy, which regions are poor? And what about purchasing power in a European comparison? The "Welt am Sonntag" is dedicated to these questions: In loose succession we present country maps that the market research company GfK GeoMarketing has created for us. This week: France. The map shows the arithmetic means of purchasing power in the respective regions. Since such values ​​can be distorted by just a few people with a strong breakdown, GfK GeoMarketing has left out millionaires.

The country: Purchasing power per inhabitant - i.e. the amount that citizens have left for consumption and savings after taxes and duties - is 19,881 euros in France this year. That is less than in Germany (20,014 euros), but more than in Italy (16,179 euros), the Netherlands (15,408 euros) and Spain (12,943 euros). Most recently, according to official figures, 8.6 million French people lived below the poverty line - which means that they had less than 964 euros per month at their disposal. The poverty rate was 14 percent of the total population. In terms of GfK standards, however, prosperity in France is relatively even: there are no regions in France where purchasing power is less than 80 percent of the national average - as is the case in the south of Italy and in the south-west of Spain.

Rich France: The Île-de-France, i.e. Paris and the adjacent departments, is the region with the highest purchasing power per inhabitant. Because in centralized France, economic power is concentrated in the capital, where most of the country's large companies have settled. Purchasing power in Paris is € 30,777 per inhabitant, in the Hauts-de-Seine department to the west of it € 27,311 and in Yvelines € 25,197. Départements with dynamic cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse or Nantes also have higher purchasing power. For example, in the Haute-Savoie department bordering Switzerland, it is 22,523 euros.

Poor France: The bottom of the league, Pas de Calais, has a purchasing power of just 16,429 euros per inhabitant, followed by Aude in the south (16,887 euros), Lozère (17,000 euros) and Haute-Corse (17,012 euros). The purchasing power there is still a good double that of the poorest provinces in Spain, Slovakia or Malta. In overseas departments such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, La Réunion and Mayotte, however, purchasing power was recently only 11,544 euros per inhabitant. The poorest regions of France in the north and south are characterized by rural areas. There is hardly any industry there. Unemployment is therefore higher than in the rest of France, where the unemployment rate rose to 9.9 percent in the third quarter.