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  1. The public code of the Signal server has not been updated for almost a year - a different version is running on the servers.
    By Hanno Böck

  2. The hype surrounding NFT and cryptocurrencies makes it the third highest price ever paid for a work by a living artist.

  3. Spending millions of dollars on memes and cat pictures? Gladly. But not via cryptocurrency.
    An IMHO from Martin Wolf

    03/10/202 124 CommentsVideo
  4. What else happened on March 4th, 2021 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

  5. After Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z are also discovering their interest in Bitcoin - after all, for projects in Africa and India.

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  1. Schüttflix GmbH, Cologne, Gütersloh
  2. Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH & Co. KG, Kleinostheim
  3. HORNBACH Baumarkt AG, Bornheim near Landau / Pfalz
  4. NEXPLORE Technology GmbH, Darmstadt, Essen

  1. It was only after deadly riots that Twitter suspended US President Trump's account. Company boss Dorsey sees it as a failure of the service.

  2. Once again an example of the fact that you shouldn't accidentally post your private access data on social media.

  3. On Friday, the media made fun of a tweet from US President Trump. A hacker from the Netherlands could have been behind this.

  4. Allegedly emails about the US presidential candidate Biden are said to have appeared on a hard drive. But Twitter and Facebook block the report.

  5. In the US election campaign, fake news, social bots and political influencers on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube are courting voters more and more.
    An analysis by Sabrina Keßler

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Jack Dorsey
  1. Three young men are said to be behind the attack on the microblogging service Twitter.

  2. To gain access to 45 celebrity accounts, intruders elicited their credentials from Twitter employees via phone and social engineering.

  3. A Bitcoin scam has been advertised on the Twitter accounts of numerous US celebrities. Apparently internal tools have been compromised.

  1. Satya Nadella misses the brief exchange between colleagues, although Corona increases productivity at Microsoft due to Corona.

  2. Disney calls on you to share your favorite Star Wars moments under # MayThe4th - and wants to use the tweets for marketing. The Twitter community reacts.

    04/28/202074 CommentsVideo
  3. A billionaire supporter of the Republican Party in the USA wants to gain influence on Twitter with his investment fund - and possibly push company boss Jack Dorsey out of office.

  1. After a data breach at the hotel and casino chain MGM, the personal data of millions of hotel guests became public. Among those affected are well-known personalities such as Justin Bieber and Jack Dorsey.

  2. The social network Twitter should in future only be a client of an open standard. The company is looking for developers for this, although the technology has long existed as a W3C standard.

  3. Even those who wanted to secure their account with something other than SMS codes: So far, there has been no getting around giving Twitter your own telephone number first. This has an end now.

  1. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey sees a threat to democracy through personalized political ads. Indirectly, he criticizes the actions of Facebook, which wants to continue to earn money from advertising with false statements.

  2. The pressure on Facebook is growing, but so are profits, sales and the user base. The users apparently hardly care about the scandals.

  3. The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account has been taken over by a group of hackers. She posted racist and right-wing extremist statements on his behalf. Twitter blames a security gap in the mobile operator.

  1. The US Senate invited Facebook, Twitter and Google to a hearing. But from the search engine company appeared: Nobody. That could have been a mistake.
    A report by Lisa Hegemann

  2. It took twelve years, now Twitter can celebrate: The company can post a profit for the first time. The number of users has increased by 11 million in the past twelve months - actually not much for a company that makes the news around the world every day.

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  3. 280 instead of 140 characters: This is how long text contributions on Twitter should be in the future. The social network is trying out the new default with some users - company boss Jack Dorsey has already tweeted in the new format.

    09/27/20174 CommentsVideo
  4. Users can hardly violate the terms of use of Twitter even more clearly than with war threats - so far, however, the US president has gotten away with it to the annoyance of many other users. Now Twitter wants to change the rules.

  5. The Berlin startup Soundcloud has sold a larger share of Twitter. A few years earlier, an attempt to take over the music streaming service through Twitter had failed.

  6. Messages with more than 140 characters will not be possible on Twitter in the future either. As an alternative, users who have more to say still have the screenshot.

  7. IMHO Twitter will never have as many users as Facebook. The management around Jack Dorsey should therefore also stop desperately following the expectations of the stock exchange - and reflect on the strengths of the service.
    By Peter Steinlechner

  8. The microblogging service Twitter is increasing its sales, but the number of active users is falling. Co-founder and boss Jack Dorsey promises a further reorganization of the short message service to make it more attractive for newcomers.

  9. When it comes to sorting the timeline, Twitter will probably follow its big competitor Facebook: In the coming days, the timeline will no longer be sorted chronologically - at least if desired, in the way algorithms find it right.

  10. Will Kim Kardashian advertise on Twitter - or Gronkh and Satya Nadella? We don't know, but despite the presumably high purchasing power, celebrity customers with high coverage don't see any advertisements on the microblogging service.

  11. Co-founder Jack Dorsey has been the head of Twitter again for a few months now, and a comprehensive overhaul of top management is pending. Among other things, the head of software development is leaving the company.

  12. According to information from company boss Jack Dorsey, Twitter will soon abolish the 140-character rule and allow posts with up to 10,000 characters. Social network fans protest.

  13. The social network will probably forego its unique selling point in the future. Still, there shouldn't be talkers.

  14. On Wall Street, the payment service provider Square fails before trading begins. A share is worth a mere nine dollars. Investor confidence in the profitability of private tech startups is waning.
    By Britta Weddeling

  15. Twitter has a new major shareholder: Steve Ballmer, the former head of Microsoft. When he announced his share purchase via the short message service, Ballmer made a small glitch.

  16. The new permanent head of the company, Jack Dorsey, is due to announce a larger wave of layoffs this week. Mostly developers among the 4,100 employees on Twitter are affected.

  17. The Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who stepped in as a temporary solution, will become the company's permanent head. He will continue to be at the helm of the Square payment service.

  18. Programming is not just for nerds, it's cool and like a superpower: With this message in a video, celebrities, parents and children try to get excited about software development.

    02/27/201385 CommentsVideo
  19. The popularity of photo sharing applications like Instagram is said to have caused Twitter to upgrade in this segment. According to a media report, Twitter will soon offer photo filters and a storage function for photos.

  20. PayPal becomes a payment service provider at McDonald's. The test in European fast food restaurants could be expanded. Square recently partnered with Starbucks to process payments.

  21. Apple is said to be in takeover negotiations with the social network The Fancy. The social commerce company should be worth $ 100 million.

  22. Facebook may have anticipated its competitor Twitter with its Burbn takeover: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is also said to have been interested in Instagram, writes the New York Times.

    04/16/20122 CommentsVideo
  23. The head of social media at will manage the new German Twitter subsidiary. He's really looking forward to them "'awesome' task".

  24. Twitter will not open its German branch in Hamburg or Munich, but in Berlin. Twitter supervisory board chairman Jack Dorsey already met with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  25. The startup of the former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is only a little older than a year. Venture capitalists invest a lot of money with the service provider for mobile payment and speculate on high profits. One consultant calls this "investor porn".

  26. Twitter's foundation is said to have gone differently than officially presented so far. "I started this", writes Noah Glass on his Twitter profile. Glass told the online magazine Business Insider about his important role in founding Twitter. Several former employees support his account.

  27. Evan Williams pulls out of Twitter to pursue a new business. Williams founded Twitter with Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey and ran it as CEO for around two years.

  28. Twitter has again changed its CEO. The new one came to the microblogging service from Google a year ago.

  1. Chrome is testing WebVR on Android

    Developers interested in implementing virtual reality (VR) on the web can test the function with the Chrome browser on Android. Initially, this only works with the Daydream View headset from Google. Desktop support is to follow.
    (Google Android)

  2. Save the world with the boy band of madness

    They travel in the luxury limousine instead of on horses or kites, look like the Backstreet Boys and utter (almost) more stupid sayings than opponents: The four heroes who are supposed to save a world in Final Fantasy 15.
    (Final Fantasy 15 test)

  3. Geforce GTX 1050 Ti in the test
    The almost perfect mid-range graphics card

    Nvidia did everything right with its new pixel accelerator. More than enough speed for 1080p gaming, a power consumption of only 60 watts and functions for Let's Player. Only the price could be a bit lower.
    (Zotac Gtx1050ti experiences)

  4. Measure and send temperature with the ESP8266

    An inexpensive WLAN module can measure the office temperature and transmit it to the Internet - with a little code, inexpensive components and, optionally, an Arduino. We show how it works.
    (Temperature sensor WiFi)

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