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When the doorbell rings at lunch break, many children already have a hole in their stomachs. The hot meal comes just as it is called. But not all food is good for your child. Red and white fries are definitely delicious - but not three times a week. So that you know what is actually on the table at lunchtime at school, it doesn't hurt to take a look at the school canteen as a parent. What you should pay attention to and how you can make lunch healthy and rich - we'll tell you!

As described in the articles about a balanced breakfast and meals at school, it is important that your child has a decent breakfast at home in order to start the day fit and to bridge the time until noon with a small snack.

Most schools offer a warm meal during a longer lunch break. This is ideal for younger students in particular, in order to have a regular daily routine at school with fixed eating and study times. In this way, the body can also adjust to when it receives new energy and nutrients and how long it has to "hold out". So if you have breakfast with your child at home in the morning, say between six and seven o'clock, and they then get a small stomach filler again around nine o'clock, a lunch break around 12:30 pm is ideal. So find out in advance from the school how the breaks are organized.

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

Enough time to eat

How long is the lunch break? A valid question! In many schools they are not much longer than the other "big breaks" of around 20-30 minutes. That can sometimes be a bit scarce, after all, your child has to queue up at the food counter, find a place to eat in peace and then put everything away again. If the lunch break at your child's school is definitely too short for this - ask for a longer break. Talk to other parents and the school administration. With the right reasoning and shortening another break, there is sure to be something to be done.

Apetito and Co.

When choosing a school, pay attention to the food in general - which company delivers it and what is on offer? Do you have pasta with tomato sauce or french fries every day? If the children can choose, lunch should be as varied as possible: sometimes meat, sometimes fish, in between noodles, rice or sometimes a hearty soup. And ideally some fruit or fruit yoghurt for dessert. If you're willing to pay a bit more, some companies offer high quality. Some schools even employ their own cook.

The "star chefs" show how it is done

Whether Rach the restaurant tester or TV chef Jamie Oliver: through campaigns and commitment, you show that healthy school meals are important - and worthwhile. Jamie Oliver, for example, first publicly denounced the catastrophic school lunch in England and then improved it step by step. The result of this campaign speaks for itself: thanks to healthier eating, the children were generally more attentive in class and their school performance improved significantly.

Be a role model at home

Children learn a lot from their environment and especially from their key caregivers. So set a good example and instill an awareness of healthy eating at home too. Fresh ingredients, a varied menu and sometimes the courage to create your own are the basic ingredients for a healthy diet that is also fun. Also involve your child in choosing food and cooking. For example, mashing mashed potatoes is a lot of fun even for the little ones! Homemade pizza also offers countless creative and healthy options to let off steam in the kitchen.

Another advantage of cooking together: if you include your child, they can learn about different foods and enjoy healthy eating. Going to the supermarket can also be a real adventure if your child can diligently choose. When cooking, it can then help to “snip” and help prepare the food. Meals together with the family also have the pleasant effect that your child develops a positive attitude towards regular and shared meals and prefers to eat with friends at school - instead of having “lunch” at the nearest kiosk next to school.

A warm lunch at school is therefore important for a balanced diet for your child. And when it comes home from school, it is not starved again and devoured a much too late noon. Instead, you can take the time to have a small afternoon snack together. It can be a kind of ritual after a hard day at school. Let us tell you about the school day over tea and biscuits. Then there is time for homework and free time. Dinner should not be too late, so that your child does not go to bed with a full stomach.

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