How will the year 3000 be?

After dinner I go to sleep because tomorrow is school and because I'm tired. The next day my alarm goes off, I wake up and a robot asks me: "What do you want for breakfast?" I think I'm dreaming.

I run downstairs and my mom asks me, "Do you want to study?"

I answer her: "Sure, we have to study in school every day."

"That used to be," replies mother. I ask her somewhat uncertainly: "What do you call earlier?" "The year 2000", she says. I ask in astonishment: "What year is it anyway?" “The year 3000, what do you think? Now the children are learning with the computer, "one of the many robots that stand around explains to me.

This world is really weird. I ask the robot: “Why did mother ask me if I want to study? I have to study every day, don't I? "

Robbi, that's the name of the robot, replies: “We're replacing people, they just have to turn their thumbs! You don't need to learn anything anymore. "

I want to call a friend to see if they have the same problem as me, but I can't find the phone. My mother asks me: "What are you looking for?" "The phone!" I mutter back. “What is that, Daniel? There's no such thing, "grins Mother," we all talk to each other over the Internet. "

I start reading a book and it says that all people born after the year 2948 will not live to be more than 180 years old. I think I'm going crazy. “180 years, that's impossible! They probably put a one before eighty. "

I go outside to play and the old man, who is always in front of the Zeihen family's house, wasn't there. I ask a pedestrian: "Hello, doesn't an old man usually stand here?"

The lady replies that three years ago it was decided that the homeless all over the world would get a house. "Wow, good idea!"

The school has been converted into a museum. Airplanes fly without pilots and there are already people who live on the planet "Mars". A new friend explained all of this to me. But now it's late and I'm going to sleep. Maybe I'll be 4,000 tomorrow.

Daniel Madariaga