What is a soft swap

After replacing the brake pads and discs, the brake pedal is softer

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Well, some ...
the anti-squeak coating would have to be at least half a cm thick in order to cause such play in the pedal !? And always recover from the tens of tons of pressure on the pad by the piston?
Bleed again exactly in the correct order and you are good.

Think Jürgen, to what extent does a piston come out with a single step on the brake, alternatively with 4 saddles?

No way,

According to the description, I assume a very professional way of working, but it should also be considered that the pads and discs have to be run in first, depending on the load, this can take 100 - 300 km.
They adapt to the disc so that there is a clearance of 1-2 / 100 mm. In addition, the coverings still "outgas" when they are heated correctly, accompanied by a "settling" or "hardening" of the covering material.
This "anti-slip coating" also only reaches its correct hardness later.
Seen in this way, the whole thing will normalize within the next km.