How do you create a customer survey

This is how you develop a meaningful customer survey

Creating a survey yourself seems time-consuming and labor-intensive. Questionnaires have to be developed, the survey carried out and then the answers evaluated. On the other hand, there are various options and tools on the Internet to get help. The questioner must think in advance which form of survey he would like to carry out.

Does he ask questions or does he have customers fill out a multiple choice survey? If you decide to conduct a survey, you should consider in advance whether closed or open questions will be asked. In the case of open questions, the respondent can give the answer a corresponding direction. However, this method should not be used with too large a group of respondents, as the evaluation could take a very long time.

One possibility that presents itself is to use existing survey results. The website offers such an option. Interested parties can enter their concerns with a keyword search and access existing survey results.

Another way is to have a survey created. One provider for this is This company creates the survey, conducts it and then evaluates it. Customers then only receive the result.

Every entrepreneur or every start-up should find out exactly how their own product is placed.