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Selling a share of a house - Two owners, one wants to sell

4. What if only one owner wants to sell?

In itself it makes no difference whether a house has one or more owners. It only becomes critical when it says: two owners, one wants to sell. Because one House share for sale turns out to be extremely in practice unrealistic If several owners are entered in the land register, the consent of all others is required if a house is to be sold.

In a Community of fractions is it at least formally easierif only one of two owners wants to sell. With the exception of a marital community of property, the owners can namely in this legal form freely about their share, so you Fractional ownership, determine - even if they can only dispose of the property as a whole together.

The question, however, is to what extent it is at all realistic is wanting to sell half a house. Or to put it another way: Which buyer should be interested in acquiring such an object? On the free real estate market one should with his plan, a Selling half of a house wanting to have little success. However, if the share is to be sold to family members, for example, that can definitely succeed. What at House sale within the family You can find out more on the Selling a house to a child page.

It should therefore be obvious that the constellation “Two owners, only one wants to sell” almost always harbors a lot of potential for conflict. Because often it is divorces or different opinions within a community of heirs that end with the sale of a house - in other words, situations in which the parties involved don't always act rationally.

Still, there are ways of having a home with multiple owners even in the event of disagreement for sale. The following is possible:

  • Division auction:
    Here, the owner who does not want to sell becomes, so to speak, the house sale forced. The division auction must be applied for at the local court and is comparable to a foreclosure auction. In their own interest, the owners should have one Division auction only as the very last solution and avoid them at all costs, because this is where the property usually gets 20 to 30 percent below value sold.
  • Division into separate residential property:
    Another option is to put the house in two separate halves to split up. In a single-family house, for example, the lower and upper floors can be converted into two completely separate residential units. It should be noted that a certificate of completion and a declaration of division must be available if a residential unit is to be sold.