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Basis was a European distributor for Apple until the company decided to set up its own sales operation on the continent. Basis’s response was to build and sell what it believed to be a better Apple II. subsidiary in California in 1982. The company headquarters appear to have moved to Hong Kong by the time it produced the oddly named Medfly system. Basis also made the Basis 203 CP / M systems and the Xenix-based Basis 216. The Basis 216 was unusual in that one of its processors what the seldom-used Zilog Z8001.

The dual-processor Basis 108 was hardware and software compatible with the Apple II and could also run CP / M applications. The 108 looked more like a typical CP / M machine than the Apple II, with a separate keyboard and an optional monitor in a retro-looking swivel frame. At least 25,000 base 108s were produced.

At the system level, the Medfly seems identical to the 108. A redesigned keyboard and ivory-color enclosure replaced the 108’s beige components.

Base 108

Base 108 (Jan. 1982, Apple II-class desktop)
Original Retail Price: $ 2,150 to $ 4,245
Base Configuration: 1MHz 6502 and 2MHz Z80 CPUs; CP / M Plus; six Apple-compatible slots; 64K RAM (128K max), 2K ROM (12K max); keyboard / keypad; RS-232C and parallel ports; NTSC, RGB, and composite video ports; Perfect Software application suite; owner’s manual
Video: 24-line x 80-column text, 280 x 192 graphics, 6 colors
Important Options: 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 256K RAM disk board, 12-inch monochrome monitor, game paddles

Medfly base

Basis Medfly (Apple II-class desktop)
Base Configuration: 6502 and Z80 CPUs; CP / M 3.0; six Apple-compatible slots; 64K RAM (128K max); 2K ROM (12K max); RGB, composite, and NTSC video ports; keyboard / keypad; RS-232C and parallel ports
Video: 280 x 192 graphics
Important Options: external dual 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, 12-inch monochrome monitor, game paddles

Base 208 (1982, desktop)
Base Configuration: Z80B CPU, CP / M, 10 proprietary slots

Base 216 (1982, desktop)
Base Configuration: Z8001 and 68000 CPUs, Xenix, 10 proprietary slots

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