Which career suits Pisces

Which profession fits which zodiac sign?

Personal strengths, talents and abilities depend in part on the zodiac sign. In this way, your own zodiac sign can be included in the decision on the suitable occupation.







Capricorns are dutiful people with a high level of discipline. Rules are important to Capricorns, and they're not afraid of hard work. It is the ambitious people who calmly and solidly climb their career ladder. Capricorns appear competent and their work is of high quality. You work thoroughly, diligently, reliably and conscientiously. Suitable professions for the Capricorn are lawyer, department head, asset manager, authorized signatory, antiquarian, mathematician, watchmaker, craftsman, architect and restorer. Suitable fields of work are churches, public buildings, museums, archives, laboratories or workshops.


Aquarians are the inventors who are endowed with a certain inner restlessness. You spot trends and are always one step ahead of others. An Aquarius should choose a profession where he can live out his wealth of ideas. He can also look at situations objectively and is valued by others as an advisor. Aquarians rarely allow themselves to be guided by emotions and approach tasks rationally. In addition, an Aquarius is keen to experiment and prefers to take on extraordinary challenges. The following professions come into question for the Aquarius: researcher, spaceman, educator, technician and sociologist. He can reach his potential in marketing, in the media, in fashion and in advertising.


Pisces are sensitive people who like to help others and have a lot of understanding for the problems of others. They have a social and artistic streak and in order to be able to bring this to bear, they need freedom and the opportunity to implement their own ideas. Pisces usually find it difficult to choose a profession because they find various activities interesting. Freelance activities are made for the fish. In addition, there are professions such as social pedagogue, pastor, photographer, gallery owner, nurse, psychologist, development worker, marine researcher or actor.


Aries are very dynamic people who need an active and challenging job to work effectively and with enthusiasm. In addition, they would like to be self-determined and act spontaneously. With a good dose of optimism and the typical speed of an Aries, he usually leads projects forward with success. In addition, Aries constantly needs the opportunity to level up and improve. For the Aries professions such as chief reporter, engineer, builder, soldier, actor, police officer, lawyer and also politician are available. Aries enjoy working with people, animals, metal or machines.


Taurus like things to be manageable and are interested in material possessions and money. A Taurus wants security and therefore acts reasonably guided. Since this zodiac sign is not particularly flexible, a Taurus likes to fall back on the tried and tested. Taurus are successful when they can move with the times but remain solid. The down-to-earth and organized bull is also a connoisseur and nature lover. Taurus like to work with money, material goods, earth, animals and materials. Suitable sectors include banks, insurance companies, real estate trading and gastronomy. Taurus feel at home in professions such as civil servant, architect, interior decorator, gardener, nutritionist or hotel manager.


Geminis are very communicative and always want to be flexible. You are very persuasive and can adapt to different situations and people. It is not difficult for them to make new contacts, as twins are flexible and open-minded. They are open to new things and like to try new things. Routine work can quickly lead to boredom in Gemini, which affects creativity. Gemini should work with people and, for example, have a job in the journalism, tourism, publishing, media or sales industries.


A Cancer is a sensitive family person who values ​​harmony very much. He can put his own needs aside and shows a lot of patience. Cancers are the people who are always there for others and help. In addition, they have a talent in the commercial area and identify market trends. Cancer is advised to work with children, adults or animals. Sectors such as hospitals, social institutions, pastoral care, life counseling, kindergartens and zoos are made for cancer. If he wants to turn his commercial skills into a profession, real estate trading, grocery stores, arts and crafts or stock trading are ideal.


There is one thing a Leo cannot endure: he does not want to be patronized by anyone. Submission is difficult for a lion. People of this zodiac sign strive for higher things and need an area in which to have something to say. A Leo is a born boss who can easily delegate rather annoying tasks. He needs praise and recognition, but he isn't looking to work hard for it. In addition, the lion is a kind of protector who gives helpful advice. Lions also like a luxurious lifestyle and prefer to stay in noble and exclusive surroundings. A lion can best be imagined as a director, chairman, diplomat, doctor or politician. His fields of work are museums, media, theaters and the general public.


Virgos like it neat. These people are the conscientious employees who work almost meticulously. Virgos are the perfectionists who attach great importance to further training measures. Good manners and a well-groomed appearance are a matter of course for them. They shine when it comes to intellectual activities and they also have a knack for writing, language and communication. Dutifully and diligently, the Virgo is married to her job. The Virgin's humility is particularly noticeable when she is praised. Sometimes she is even embarrassed. Activities in the legal field, in the secretariat, in journalism or teaching are ideal for virgins. Professions such as doctor, medical assistant, pharmacist, accountant, clerk, optician, laboratory technician and engineer are also available.


Libra are more than important to harmony and justice. It is the people who are in demand as mediators and who act with diplomacy. In addition, Libra have a flair for aesthetics and artistic skills. Libra enjoy working with people, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and art objects. Suitable professions include interior designer, fashion designer, decorator, art dealer, diplomat, graphic artist, musician and artist. Scales are in good hands in restaurants, hotels, fashion stores, museums and galleries.


Scorpios do something entirely or not at all. Once you have decided on a profession, you are enthusiastic about it and want to achieve success. A Scorpio likes to take responsibility, supported by critical and analytical skills. Scorpios want to work independently and in peace. Suitable professions for the Scorpio are, for example, archaeologist, psychologist, scientist, detective, doctor, criminal defense attorney, criminologist and lawyer.


A Sagittarius will pursue a profession with enthusiasm if it is more than interesting for him and he is given opportunities for free development. He wants to feel free and independent and at the same time be financially successful. That is why there are many people of the zodiac sign Sagittarius among the self-employed and freelancers. It is the brave who are ready to take risks and approach tasks with optimism. For the shooter there are jobs as fitters, sales representatives, in customer service or as foreign representatives of travel agencies. The shooters can also be imagined in ministries, churches, courts of law, stadiums and airports.