How did you find your internship abroad?

Internship abroad

Would you like to gain practical experience and discover more of the world at the same time? You don't know exactly in which area you would like to work and would you like to try it out? Are you a student and would like to do an internship abroad in order to be able to apply your theoretical knowledge? Would you like to advance your career and at the same time give something back to the community? Then an internship abroad on one of our programs is just right for you! At Volunteer World you will find activities with which you can support society and at the same time bring you a step forward in your career. This is the best way to combine volunteering with an internship.

An internship abroad can be very diverse. On our platform you will find internships abroad for students or schoolchildren, as well as positions for an internship abroad after your apprenticeship. The most common areas in which you can gain practical experience are medicine, business or creativity. Which location you choose depends on your personal interests, your language skills and the area of ​​activity in which you would like to be active.

🌎 Where can I do an internship abroad?

There are many opportunities international internships to be completed. A big advantage of an internship abroad is that you live in another country and thus learn another language very quickly. You should have a good command of the English language; some programs often require additional knowledge. To do this, take a look directly at the program you are interested in. An English-language internship abroad prepares you well for the international world and offers you international experience that nobody can take away from you.

In which department you do an internship abroad depends entirely on your own interests. For example, you could be Nurse or male nurse in Tanzania work and gain practical experience abroad. If you are on a Internship in Europe If you are interested, you will find many internship positions with us in Italy, but you can also work as an intern in Greece or Spain and do good at the same time.
All over the world you will find many opportunities to do an internship abroad and gain international experience. In order to give you a better overview, we have summarized the internship positions available here according to continents.

Internship in Africa

How about one voluntary internship in Africa? There you can work in many different areas and gain practical experience. Have you graduated from high school and are considering studying medicine or training as a nurse or nurse? In the medical field in particular, you will find many volunteer programs in Africa that integrate an internship. Get involved in a Internship in dentistry or help out as a midwife in a local hospital. Children in Africa need your help. Work in a children's hospital and help the little ones to get well again or integrate an internship abroad in South Africa with volunteer work as an assistant for people with disabilities. You will find many opportunities as an intern in Cape Town. Regardless of whether you apply the knowledge you have acquired during your studies, already work as a doctor and want to gain experience abroad or see the internship as an orientation aid, you can definitely work with one of them Internship abroad learn a lot while helping the community at the same time.

Internship in Europe

In Europe, too, you will find many areas in which you can combine an internship with volunteering. You can find internships abroad in Spain, Italy, Greece or Croatia. You could work with migrants by teaching English to children or by looking after the babies of parents who are taking language classes so that they can better integrate in their country. Also in Italy you could get practical experience if you are interested in dentistry or if you want to work as a medical assistant in a hospital. If you prefer to work in the creative field, you have the opportunity to do an internship as a photographer in Spain or Croatia. If you want to combine your sporting activity with an internship, an internship as a basketball coach in Italy might be just the thing for you.

Internship in Central and South America

In the creative field, you can also find some programs in America. Take photos of animals in Brazil, for example, and learn a lot about photographing nature and animals. A Business internship abroad This is useful if you plan to work in a commercial company later. In Central and South America in particular, you will find some opportunities to work abroad for business and gain practical experience. These experiences can help you a lot in your later professional life, because during an internship abroad you will learn to understand other perspectives and to classify them. In America, too, you can help as a medical intern in a hospital and expand your specialist knowledge. You will also find many opportunities in therapy, for example from people with disabilities, to help there and to learn from others. Your tasks could include both treating people and looking after them in their daily tasks. Find out about Internships in America with us, you are sure to find the right project for you.

Internship in Asia

You can also find some medicine programs in Asia. Work, for example, as a nurse in India, or get an insight into physiotherapy in Thailand. You can also help animals in Asia with an internship by doing a Doing an internship at an animal shelter or rescuing dogs from the street. If you can imagine working with animals later, be it in an animal shelter or as a vet, then these volunteer programs offer a good insight into day-to-day work.

❓ Why should I do an internship abroad?

Do you have to do a compulsory internship for your studies? Or would you like to broaden your cultural horizons and gain new experiences, far away from a textbook? An internship abroad is ideal both after graduation, as well as after studying or training. Even those who are already working benefit from an internship abroad if they want to reorient themselves and discover new things. An internship abroad also enhances your résumé, because your international experience shows your commitment and that you are not afraid of unfamiliar situations. These are important skills a prospective employer might be looking for.

There are many reasons to choose an internship abroad. You can do both a Complete a 2-week internship abroad and work abroad for up to 50 weeks. This depends on the project as well as your own wishes.

The most important reasons for choosing a social internship abroad are:

  • gain experience abroad
  • establish contacts
  • Collecting practical experience
  • Reorient yourself
  • Get an insight into the professional world
  • Find new friends
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Develop yourself
  • Spice up your resume
  • Giving back to the community

👩‍🎓 Are there internships abroad for schoolchildren and students?

As a student, it can be very helpful to get a first glimpse into the world of work. During an internship abroad, you learn to stand on your own two feet and gain important work experience. For some courses, an internship is required, which is why it is important to apply for an internship at the latest after school. During school days, there are usually short internships of a few weeks during the holidays. But even for a short time it can often make sense to do the internship abroad. After school, it makes sense to orientate yourself during an internship. Many high school graduates also do an internship to bridge the time waiting for a free place at university. If this is an option for you too, then it is likely a longer internship of up to 50 weeks is suitable for you.

As a student, you often get the chance to do a to carry out a longer internship abroad and to apply the knowledge acquired during the course. During the semester break, you could do an internship for a few weeks, depending on how much time you have available. Or you can opt for a semester on leave and gain practical experience abroad during this time. Some courses even have a full semester for an internship, depending on your field of study and your university. Even after graduation, many have the opportunity to gain work experience with an internship before starting working life.

Scholarships for an internship abroad

As an internship abroad can be expensive as a student or pupil, some programs, such as Erasmus +, offer scholarships. With Erasmus + it should be noted that the scholarship is only valid for an internship in the EU member states and that the internship must be relevant to your degree program and your personal development. In addition, your internship must be at least 2 months long. You can find more information on the website of the European Commission and on the homepage of your university. As Student could also use BAföG abroad as a means of funding