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The SharePoint Store is a public marketplace, accessed directly from a SharePoint website, where you can purchase third-party developer apps for personal use or for your organization. An app for SharePoint is a small, easy-to-use, stand-alone application that performs a specific task or fulfills a business need. You can add apps to your website in order to customize them using certain functionalities or to display information.


  • The Office and SharePoint App Stores are optional services operated by Microsoft Corporation or a subsidiary of one of Microsoft's worldwide facilities. The apps available in the store are provided by different app publishers and are subject to the terms and conditions and data protection provisions of the app publisher. The use of any of these apps may result in data being transferred, stored or processed in another country in which the app publisher, its subsidiaries or service providers have facilities. The availability of certain apps and payment methods depends on your home region and the service. You can view the app publisher's terms and conditions and privacy policy before downloading and using an app.

  • The SharePoint Store is not supported for GCC High and M tenants.

To add an app to your website, you must have at least "Full Control" permission for that website. If you are a website owner, you already have this privilege.

  1. On the website where you want to add an app, click Settings and then on Add app.

  2. On the Your Apps page, click in the quick launch bar on the left SharePoint Store.

  3. Use the categories in the left pane to filter the selections and find the app you want. If you already know the name or tag for the app, type it in the search box and search directly for the app.

  4. Click the app you want to add. click on Details or reviewsfor more information about the app.

  5. If you would like to purchase this app, use the drop-down list below the price to indicate whether you are buying the app for yourself or for multiple people to use. If necessary, include the number of user licenses you want to buy.

  6. Click to buy the app to buy. (If it's a free app, click Add.)

  7. Follow the steps to sign in with your Microsoft account to purchase the app.

  8. When asked if you want to trust the app, read the app developer's terms and conditions and privacy notice, and then click trust.

  9. The app will now appear on the Site Content page. click you click Settings, and then click Website contentwhich turns you into an app. To learn how to use the new app, see Adding an App Part to a Page.

useful information

  • A Microsoft account is not the same as a work or school account. If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for one.

  • Some apps on the SharePoint Store are free, while others are available for sale.

  • If your administrator hasn't configured the website to allow users to purchase apps, you can still request the app you want. The person in your organization who manages the app catalog website can approve or deny requests to purchase apps.

Do you need help with a specific problem with the SharePoint Store?

For help with a billing issue in the SharePoint Store, see Microsoft Account Help.

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