Hotel management has a bright future

The hotel and catering industry sounds very exciting to many: Being able to work all over the world, getting to know new people every day and having a lot of variety in the job. If these aspects appeal to you too, a degree in hotel management might be the right choice! Here we give you all the information you need about the content of your studies, requirements and career prospects.

General information on hotel management studies

At first glance you probably don't even think about it, but as the word "management" suggests, The hotel management course is primarily a business administration course, which is supplemented by specific seminars on the subject of hotel, gastronomy and tourism. So if you have nothing to do with numbers, but z. For example, if you are more interested in service and guest care or if you find the hotel industry exciting in itself, a classic apprenticeship in the hotel area is perhaps the more appropriate apprenticeship path.

But if the entrepreneurial side of the hotel business appeals to you and you would like to move to the higher floors - i.e. management - you will lay a good foundation for your career path with a Bachelor in Hotel Management.

Find suitable universities

Our partner portal lists all universities, technical colleges and academies that offer a hotel management degree and related degree programs. We will introduce some of them to you in this section:

Study at home, 100% online


Today we work and learn differently, more virtually, more flexibly. So why compromise on your studies? With an IU distance learning course you can start at any time, study comfortably from home and test the offer four weeks in advance free of charge. Change studies or have previous work recognized? Clear! We are happy to help you and give you tips on online teaching.