What is a party casual dress code


Casual for men:

  • Casual clothing is allowed to wear
  • Jeans are allowed
  • Casual has two variants: Smart Casual and Casual Chic
  • With casual, you are free to choose your accessories

The perfect casual outfit:

Sporty and comfortable clothing is the basis of the casual dress code. Think of your jeans with a sweater, cardigan or nice shirt. A cap and sneakers round off a casual outfit.

If the dress code at work is casual, wearing jeans is not a problem, but check beforehand that a cap and / or trainers can be worn.

A 'casual outfit' is the outfit that you wear in town, for a birthday or when you go out.

Often it is the clothes that go with the latest clothes trends or your old clothes. With this dress code you are completely free with what you wear.

If this dress code is on an invitation to a party, they want you to "just wear something nice". In this case you are completely free. Put on your most beautiful casual outfit. It's better to wear your broken pants or faded sweater on a free Sunday.

Smart casual is the chic variant of the casual dress codes: smart casual

For men, this style of clothing is very simple: the only requirement is that you combine a nice pair of jeans or a pantalon with a jacket or a Colbert. In sunny weather, complete your outfit with a nice shirt. When the weather is colder, choose a V-neck sweater to wear over your dress shirt.
With the casual dress code, women have the choice of a nice sweater or blouse with a nice skirt or pantalon. Colors that go well with smart casual are red, white, dark blue, pastel, brown and beige tones.
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Casual chic

Casual chic is a very popular dress code. The clothing style can be viewed as an intermediate form of casual and smart casual. You have more freedom in choosing casual chic clothes. The idea is that the clothes are wearable and comfortable, but with a chic detail.
Well-fitting trousers combined with a nice, tight-fitting shirt are a great example of casual chic. With this dress code, you can often see how free you are in your choice of clothes.
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