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    Accept contract work.Even if it doesn't get paid as well and is less reliable than a full-time job, you can spice up your portfolio by completing a number of such blanket assignments. Do this by looking at sites like Elance and ODesk to find work. It can be difficult to get accepted for a job like this, but after you get your hands on the first it becomes a lot easier.
    • Hacker News is a good source for both contract and freelance work. Take a look at the "Ask" section there.
    • While it may be tempting to ask little money for contract labor to secure the job, don't sell yourself below value. Not only will you be working for less money than you really make, but it will also annoy other applicants in your field, which could damage your relationships.
    • Sometimes good work in a contract job leads to a permanent position. Always do your best!
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    Maintain your relationships as best you can. Attend as many conventions and hack-a-thons as you can. Not only does this give you more insight into codes and problems that need to be solved, but it also helps you meet other people in the field. Even if you mean that programmers work alone in their basement, the bulk of professional software developers are part of a team, and building relationships is also an important part of the job.

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    Apply for full-time employment. Once you've got some contract work done, you can start sending your application and portfolio to larger companies for full-time employment. Aside from Monster and Indeed, there are a few developer-specific job sites that you should check out, such as GitHub Jobs, StackOverflow Job Board, AngelList, CrunchBoard, Hirelite, and Hacker News.[3]

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    Expand your skills. A good software developer usually knows more than one programming language. You will learn a lot at work, but still invest some of your free time to expand your knowledge and learn the basics of another language or two. This will make it easier for you to move on to a new project and it will also make you a more desirable job candidate.

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    Don't worry about payment. Not every newcomer to the software development industry is rewarded with six-digit numbers. In reality, nobody will. The good thing about software development, however, is that the job market is incredibly strong. If you feel that you are not earning enough in your current position, finding a new position in a new company is relatively easy (provided you have the skills). Instead of focusing on your retirement plan, see your first few jobs as a necessary experience.