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I ask because I live in Bavaria lol. 2. Gymnasium The Bavarian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs is planning to start from the 5th ... We have put together all the important information about the school system in your state in a clear manner. I know that Bavaria is also at the top. Hi PEOPLE, yes. Is the school system more difficult in Bavaria? B. want to study together with high school graduates from Bavaria who had bio in the advanced course, you first have to "rework" vigorously. Boarding schools in Bavaria and the Bavarian school system. "A Pisa comparison of the school grades once showed that a 2 in North Rhine-Westphalia is a 3 in Baden-Württemberg and a 4 in Bavaria," he recently told our editorial team. That will probably also apply to secondary school. Is that true? (??) and to you ddnr-girl we know here in Bavaria that we have the most difficult schools our Abitur is even reduced by 0.2 in some countries, which means in plain language: if I had a Bavarian Abitur with 1.4, I would have another one State 1,2 The reason for this is not the salary, as it does not differ greatly from the salaries in other countries. In my opinion, the hardest Abitur is written in Bavaria. However, the school system now worries me a little: I'm not exactly the best in math and French at a high school in grade 10. Because its representatives proclaim up and down the country that they have the most difficult school system. less autumn break? Background and detailed information can be found for each type of school under “Further information”. Bavaria has had a uniform school system for a long time. It is actually clear that the school system in Bavaria is the most difficult, but I once picked up somewhere that the level of difficulty is allegedly the secondary school leaving certificate (Realschule) in Bavaria on the level of difficulty of the Abitur in, for example, North Rhine-Westphalia. Joe Trenk's 1st Abi Masterplan also makes sense for Bavarian Abitur (he himself did Abitur in NRW)? In principle, the following applies: With every degree achieved, the path to the next higher school goal is open. According to the principle of permeability, every secondary school enables the middle school leaving certificate. Select the SCHULEN.DE toplists by federal state or category to find out which schools offer their students the best. Class gives: science or language, I think. Know children. See: KMK resolution, core subject binding. In Germany, the school system is a matter for the federal states. As you know, the school system in Bavaria is the most difficult. That's a question I'm really interested in. Hello everyone, I keep my fingers crossed that child 2 can finally arrive and find its way. We provide detailed information on this on the following pages. The school system in Bavaria. ), and NRW doesn't have that. At every community school there is compulsory full-day school in grades 5 - 10. In which federal states is the Abitur the most difficult? the requirements in bavaria are the highest. Bavaria is the hardest federal state. Gießen 46ers: "The Bayern game does not have priority 1a" Basketball Bundesliga club Gießen 46ers has to digest the bitter bankruptcy in Hamburg quickly, overwhelming Munich players are waiting. There is supposed to be a big difference between North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria - this has also been confirmed by the people I know. The following graphics give you an overview of the school systems in the 16 federal states. Do the Bavarians really want to become independent from Germany? Many advanced course combinations that are possible in other federal states are generally excluded with us. Answer from kleinedame_34 on October 16, 2019, 10:51 am. School is compulsory and must attend primary school. And also a heavier school system? Has anyone from Bavaria already had experience with Joe Trenk's 1st Abi master plan?

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All schools in Bavaria offer several options for attaining school qualifications. © Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture. Would like to know your opinion. Class at a Bavarian secondary school and could already do my Abitur in Berlin percentage of school leavers with a high school diploma in Bavaria but clearly below that of the other countries. In addition to basic similarities in terms of structure and school qualifications, there are many (subtle) differences, especially in terms of school types and curricula. Many think so. The most important reason is not only The respect that is shown to teachers in Finland has much more to do with the selection process, the work and the working conditions what do they say? This website uses cookies and the web analysis tool Matomo. Incidentally, a secondary school. What do you think, and how about the changeover to this school system? The Working Group of Bavarian Teachers' Associations (abl) for school policy in Bavaria issued a good report for their 40-year-old. They are divided into general education schools, vocational schools and schools of the second education path. Has anyone already had experience or is familiar with it? how do you see it? LG. Yes it is, Bavaria has one of the most difficult school systems in Germany. Greetings from Munich. In general, parents and pupils should take into account when making their decisions that it is still possible to switch between the types of school at a later date. Bavaria also shines, especially through its efficiency. To the interactive graphic "The Bavarian School System". The school system in Bavaria. But in which federal state is the Abitur the hardest? Bavaria are starting their Abitur exams again. Hello zsm I'm moving to Bavaria tomorrow. If you go by the grade point average, the Thuringians are the brightest high school graduates in Germany. Phasmophobia: How to Solve Speech Recognition Problems Which federal state has the most difficult school system Overview: School systems of the federal states - from. Why does convert2mp3net no longer work. If so, how difficult would you rate it or how unfair. Which state has the most difficult schools? The parents' wish for early school enrollment can be taken into account, the decision ... I'm just irritated, I live in Bavaria and our school system is already crass, the hardest in Germany, we always have to nibble on that and I thought we were in Berlin Community schools common and it would be easier than ours. It is actually clear that the school system in Bavaria is the most difficult, but I once picked up somewhere that supposedly the level of difficulty is the secondary school leaving certificate in Bavaria on the level of difficulty of the Abitur in, for example, North Rhine-Westphalia. I'm currently attending the 10th ... it could well be that the state of Bavaria has the most difficult Abitur. Which federal state has the hardest high school diploma. The Bavarian value fits the cliché and the self-image that the state has of itself. In 2017 this rate was 64.8 percent. Simone 27. In Hesse, the parents' will to convert does not count towards the grades. What exactly do many find bad about it? Can someone help me there? gutefrage is more versatile than any other. Because I think that's totally unfair! Answer post. In many comments under Focus and so I also read from Bavaria who are convinced that most Bavarians want it that way. May will be followed by the German exam for all students. Oh man, I'm moving :-) but thanks for your answer! And why do so many Bavarians want to be independent? So from the most difficult to the easiest (please all federal states). The school system in Bavaria. Schools in Baden Württemberg are among the most difficult? I've heard from some people that Bayern would be arrogant, even though I've been to Munich before and I didn't have that impression. If school difficulties arise after moving, this is mostly due to the fact that what the schools are supposed to convey is not set consistently. Daughters and sons only recommends boarding schools ... The Bavarian school system is generally considered to be the most difficult in Germany (apart from some of the new federal states, which after reunification oriented themselves towards the Bavarian Abitur). My grades have been shit so far and I can't do mental arithmetic so (stupid) can I pass school there? The interactive graphic shows the Bavarian school system with its diverse possibilities. All three subject areas (mathematical-natural science, artistic. Sure, moving is not nice, but I can get used to it. Around 40,000 young people brood over mathematics tasks on the first day, on the 9th I will (have to) take tuition. In order to make the school systems of the individual federal states accessible in the simplest and clearest possible form, the Federal Employment Agency has developed graphics that depict the school systems in a uniform structure and color Bavaria has this "branch" from the 7. Furthermore, there are municipal authorities in every federal state, which can be found in every school district, if that should be because they will be doing their Abi in 12 years Have to, NRW has to do that now? That means: It is easier to do the Abitur elsewhere! Not all school reforms of the l The last few years had the desired effect. I read on the Internet that they have a more difficult school system for this. All children up to the age of 30. Would it be better if I repeat class 10 again in Bavaria? In Bavaria, after primary school, children either go to middle school, a secondary school or that ... I have been wondering for a long time whether it is true that Bavaria is the hardest. For this purpose, each federal state has its own ministry of culture, which takes on the teaching material, vacation planning, personnel planning and also the costs for the personnel. But is that true? Class notice that a few students from Hessen knew less than we knew. Many say that, but is it really true? And that has ... It is definitely known that the Abitur in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg is more difficult to obtain than in other federal states. Bavaria already had the central high school diploma in the 50s of the last century and thus at least somewhat uniform curricula, but there were also different grades in the individual schools for the Abi, but my experiences during the studies were that the Bavarians had a clear advantage in terms of knowledge. Bavaria's teachers' associations are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their umbrella organization on Wednesday. In Germany, responsibility for the school system lies with the individual federal states. I don't know if that's true, but Bavaria has 2 weeks of Whitsun vacation and 8 weeks of summer vacation as well (is it true, isn't it? Is it true that the school system in Bavaria is more difficult than in other federal states? Each of the 16 federal states has its own regulations The requirements for passing the Abitur examination are sometimes quite different, and rumors about where the Abi is the hardest and where the easiest is persistent. Where is the Abi the hardest ranking. The abl was founded in 1979 - consciously with the aim of maintaining the three-tier school system, I am also particularly interested in whether it is true whether a Bavarian high school diploma with, for example, a 2.0 cut is preferred to a university over, for example, a Hessian high school diploma with 1.5 or so ? Does Bavaria really have more holidays? Who has the eight SCHULEN.DE assessment categories, STEM, foreign languages, sport, art, music, German and social sciences, digital S. School and individual support, one step ahead? 1, x can be proud of Bavaria! The difference can't be that big, can it? What types of schools are there in Bavaria? Why should they have more vacation than the others? This is due to the following: 1. How is Baden-Württemberg actually doing? There are more than 6,000 schools in Bavaria. What you experience after moving to Bavaria will be experienced by "fellow sufferers" of you. I have been reading for days in connection with the conflict in Catalonia that many in Bavaria also want to be independent of Germany? In Germany, education is a matter for the individual federal states, so there is no uniform school system. That's why you are - IF YOU CAN DO IT - then all the better! See an overview of the different models here and vote for the model that you like best. Does Bavaria really have more vacation days, or do they have, for example, the transition from school to work is successful and the range of training positions is higher than in other federal states, according to the result of the education study. Personally, I come from Bavaria but will soon be moving to Saxony. At my current school, it is often said that "The school system in Bavaria is really demanding - etc. etc." In any case, I am really unsure about this. Is that correct? Read out. I know Bavaria comes first but what about the rest of the federal states does someone know the order or at least a link where I could look it up? Those who do their Abitur in Bavaria can really be proud of it. The interactive graphic shows the Bavarian school system with its diverse possibilities. Finland has very high standards. LG. Bavaria is in first place in the vocational training ranking this year. If you surf through our website, you agree to this. More information and a possibility to deactivate web analysis can be found here. which state do you think have the most difficult school system? The school system is a matter for the federal state, the federal government has pulled out of it. I (15) will have to move to Bavaria with my parents after this school year. Are they all about the money? Read more information about the school system in Bavaria: Changes in the 2018/2019 school year; Primary school; secondary schools middle school secondary school high school; Changes in the school year 2018/2019 in Bavaria. Is it really as difficult there as in Bavaria? NRW Abitur at the level of Bayern Realschule? My sister studied medicine in Bavaria - she was "shocked" what the high school graduates from Munich, Nuremberg ... already knew! Do they secretly hate us? As the current PISA test of the current federal states shows, the students in Bavaria are best in German and English. The state scores particularly well in terms of vocational training: the range of training positions is very high. In a nationwide comparison, the 2013 Education Monitor once again confirmed that the Free State of Saxony had the best school system in Germany. The first choice of school after primary school therefore does not mean a final decision about the child's school career. I myself go to a Bavarian school (Lower Franconia; border Hesse) and you could go to the 5th who live in Kempten / Bavaria / and went to the gym in Isny ​​/ Baden Würtemberg / because it's easy there. In Germany, education is a matter for the individual federal states, so there is no uniform school system. Is that correct? October 2019 at 22:06. Schools in Germany are 16 times different: because school is a matter for the country and every country has different ideas about how schools should work. According to this, Saxony, followed by Thuringia and Bavaria, has the most efficient education systems. there are federal states that are required far less for it. I'm currently in the 7th grade and I notice that some friends who go to school in Hesse are lagging behind in some subjects. December 19, 2020 SPD paralyzed in the drone dispute: “That endangers the lives of our soldiers” December 19, 2020 Federal government brings IS prisoners back to Germany from Syria for the first time Instagram: Why are some messages blue? Is the school system really that different between Bavaria and Saxony? But what about Bavaria and Saxony? The school system in Baden-Württemberg at a glance: ... Realschule and Gymnasium, as can be found in Bavaria, for example) is supplemented by the so-called community school. Hello, I keep hearing people say our school system is bad. ;). Overview of the Bavarian school system.