Why does life happen

Life happens while we are making other plans

Last update: 10 September, 2016

When I really loved myself I understood that I in life was in the right place at the right time in every situation, and at that very moment I was able to relax. Today I know that there is a name for this feeling: Self-esteem.

When I really loved myself, I could feel that my fear, my emotional suffering Nothing as a signal were that I ran against my own principles. Today I know what it is: Authenticity.

When I really loved myself, I did stopped wishing my life was different and I started to accept everything that happened and that contributed to my growth. Today it is called: Maturity.

When I really loved myself I started to realize that it is harmful to try to force a situation or to force a person to just to realize some wish, even though I know the moment is not or the person is unprepared, including me. Today I know what it is called: Respect.

When I really loved myself I started to free myself from everything that was not good for me, of people, situations and anything that weighed me down. In the beginning my mind called this attitude "selfishness". Today it is called Self-love.

When I truly loved myself, I stopped dreading my free time and stopped making big plans, letting go of the mega-projects of the future. Today I do what I feel is right what I like, what I want and at my own pace. Today I know what it is: Simplicity and sincerity.

When I really loved myself I stopped wanting to be right all the time and I was less likely to be wrong. Today I found out what it is: Humility.

When I truly loved myself, I stopped reliving the past and worrying about the future. Today I stay in the present in which life takes place. Today I live one day at a time and that's called: Abundance.

When I truly loved myself, I realized that my mind can torment and disappoint me. But if I place him at the service of my heart, he will have a good and valuable ally. All of that is knowing how to live.

Charles Chaplin

Values ​​and life

In life, your strengths outweigh your weaknesses. It is your job to define your values, overcome hurdles and live your life. Perhaps you do not know the meaning of individual values ​​in detail, cannot estimate what impact they have on your lifestyle. Then you no longer get angry that you are missing the best, that the latest trend has not yet found its way into your home, that you cannot take an expensive trip, that you do not win in the game or that you do not have the world's most beautiful body.

John Lennon once said: "Life is what happens while we are making other plans." As if there was no time limit, although our time is the finest thing we have and it will always come to an end.

We get up every day like we've had an eternity to understand what it means to realize ourselves and to go one step beyond our goals. We forget that the sands of life flow steadily and unchecked to the other side of the clock and that we have to seize opportunities to climb the mountain further and achieve goals. We also forget that it is our only life and that we have the certainty that we can share it.

You can stop to think that you might be missing something and consider what values ​​you still haven't understood when it is so important to you to do what society thinks is greatest, or what is important to you. It doesn't have to be incompatible, but the most important thing is to do what you want.

We live in a world that has it does not allow us to become aware that the sun goes down early every day. We are so busy dreaming and planning the future that we are spending the present time wrapping up our dreams that we believe will one day come true and sending them to a destination where we will maybe never will be.

We postpone our lives for a better time when we have more hours in the day or when we will have already achieved our goals. And with that we forget that our watch knows no world beyond the 24 hours it can displayand that the opportunity to struggle with our dreams grants us today.

We have forgotten that living also means understanding that time goes by without detours and gives us the opportunity to Appreciating the little things that allow us to truly love each other. This is exactly what life is made of: it is about recognizing and appreciating the paths that give us clues to help us to understand that our significant other is within us and it doesn't make much sense to look outside of us for the most important thing that life has to offer.

Now, as you begin to destroy your world for all of this to happen, don't forget the following:

"Human happiness is generally not achieved through big hits, which can occur very rarely, but through the little things that happen every day."

Benjamin Franklin