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Supplier management

Put your tools and talent to work

Combine the visibility and collaboration of our cloud-based software with our proven logistics and global resources to turn it into a strategy for success. You will be able to track orders as soon as a tracking number has been created and across all shipping methods and carriers until delivery. You can identify problems and work with vendors and carriers to proactively develop a cost-effective solution to avoid penalties, storage costs, excessive rates for half-full containers, labor inefficiencies ... and unsatisfied customers.

With the UPS Order Watch® - our cloud-based software - you can monitor your freight forwarders and UPS in real time and communicate together, from placing the order through to delivery.

Avoid the costs and chaos that plague incoming supply chains by resolving shipment delays, merging shipments to make better use of containers, and adjusting modes and timeframes to avoid sending reminders.

Our operational expertise combined with real-time information from UPS Order Watch can make your supply chain even more efficient. Together, UPS will create a standard schedule with individual trigger points and necessary actions that adapt to your processes and sales-specific goals.

As your logistics partner, we will develop strategies for country of origin delay, direct bypass, interim storage and other solutions while also focusing on optimizing shipments, carrier usage and shipping methods to achieve your goals.