What is the basis of political ideology


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Meaning of the term

The term stands for so-called world views that claim to have the right solution for all social problems. People who often rigidly and one-sidedly represent such ideological ideas are called "ideologues". The word comes from the Greek and means "doctrine of ideas". Up until the 19th century, “ideology” was a term used for science that deals with the origin and development of ideas from the history of ideas and philosophy.

State ideologies

There are also states that act ideologically. The rulers then want to shape society according to their ideas and views and do not allow any other opinions. This was the case, for example, in the communist states. The people there could not freely decide how they wanted to live, but the ruling party dictated it. The whole of life was "ideologized", that is, it had to subordinate itself to the communist worldview. Everything was judged according to whether it fit into the worldview. National Socialism was also an ideology that demanded total subordination from the citizens and persecuted and punished anyone who opposed this worldview.

Source: Gerd Schneider / Christiane Toyka-Seid: The young politics encyclopedia from www.hanisauland.de, Bonn: Federal Agency for Civic Education 2021.