Which book has changed your life forever?

7 books that can change your life forever

Reading is one of the nicest and most meaningful pastimes. Books let us immerse ourselves in a world far away from the currently dreary reality. You can give inspiration, courage and joie de vivre. Books broaden our horizons, enliven our minds and can break up ways of thinking and change our mindset.

On World Book Day, we collected book tips for you on our big concern, the topic of sustainability. Perhaps you will find exactly that one book here that will change your life forever.

1. "Factfulness -
How we learn to see the world for what it really is ”

The tests of the ingenious statistician, scientist and the author of this book, Hans Rosling, have proven it many times: Far too many people have a completely distorted, usually far too gloomy picture of the world. This point of view not only influences their thinking, but also their actions - and adversely, too.

But Rosling shows: facts help. After reading this book, you will:

  • a sure factual framework for understanding the world have
  • better decisions can meet
  • Gaining factfulness and only sharing views and making judgments, based on solid facts.
  • Factfulness is a book that gives hope - Barack Obama.

2. "Lovelessness makes you sick -
What strengthens our self-healing powers and how we can finally become healthier and happier ”

Sustainability begins in us. Before we try to save the world we have to start with ourselvesn. What do we learn and what do we get from our parents and educators * on our journey through life? Why do we strive for more and more forget how we are doing?

In this book, the brain researcher Gerald Hüther describes very well what we need to change. The human being, ie the "S" (for social), is related to ESG1 in the center, ultimately our actions are responsible for dealing with the environment. The “G” (for governance) is also very important, as corporate management bears a great deal of responsibility.

When we look at ourselves and our fellow human beings, we eat healthier, we do not exploit others and we put aside behaviors of power and greed. If we look at ourselves, we don't allow ourselves to be exploited by the employer and don't pedal the hamster wheel until we fall over or get sick.

3. “The Biophilia Effect - Healing from the Forest”

Spend more time in nature get a better feel for the processes in nature, that too is sustainability. How very nature and in particular the forest also Healing for us humans is will in this book scientifically proven.

Clemens G. Arvay discusses this in his work healing bond between man and nature, the one much stronger effect has on us than we previously thought.

So plants communicate with our immune systemm without us being aware of it, and strengthen our resistance. Trees secrete invisible substances that act against cancer. The sight of landscapes contributes to the healing of various diseases. And if a walk in the country lighten the mood, there is also a reason.

Clemens G. Arvay not only shows this ‘biophilia effect’. He also says we like him especially useful for us with exercises can. In the forest or even in your own garden.

4. "There is no such thing as sustainable!"

"Nothing we do is sustainable!" This is what the entrepreneur and founder of unverschwendet.at, Cornelia habenreiter, claims. She wanted as a child make the world better. But the more she informs herself, the deeper she digs, the more doubts become: Is it really true that organic milk in a glass bottle is more sustainable than sugary soda in a can? Is palm oil worse than coconut oil? What is right, what is wrong and - does sustainable exist at all?

In her first book, Cornelia describes this very much personally and ruthlessly honest of this topic - and of their failure.

But she doesn't give up and comes to the conclusion: sustainability is no story of renunciation and hardship, but rather a journey to reflected pleasure. And luck.

5. "Everything used to be worse -
Why we are doing better and better despite wars, diseases and disasters ”

With this book, you can turn your gaze to the good.

Hand on heart, what would you think: Are more people dying in plane crashes than in the past or fewer? Is there today more wars and war deaths than 30 years ago Or less? Are we really working more and more? Have to today more children under child labor and violence Suffer, or are there less become? Is crime increasing or decreasing in Germany?

We are confronted with bad news every day - and overlook that a lot (and above all a lot of important things) changed for the better. Today we live in one world less poverty and increasing prosperityThat is what SPIEGEL editor Guido Mingels proves in this book.

His texts and graphics illustrate a surprising one Trend for the better. Because even if the news often suggests otherwise: Much in our world is moving in the right direction.

6. "Renewable energies and climate protection:
Background - Techniques and planning - Economy and ecology - Energy transition ”

Anyone with the topic energy transition deal and get one Overview of the various renewable energy technologies and current trends the book by Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning liked it.

The author teaches and researches in the field of "Renewable Energy Systems" at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin and offers with this book an understandably written work for all those who are not only interested in the current state of development of solar energy, wind power, biomass or geothermal energy, but also want to plan and implement their own systems.

This book does an important contribution to the climate debate and treats the entire range renewable energies, from solar energy to wind power to geothermal energy or biomass.

Market leader from the field of energy and environmental technology!

7. "Sustainable Investing -
Concrete topics and their evaluation ”

Of course, our book tips can include our work Colleague Wolfgang Pinnernot missing.

How does sustainable investment work? In his book, Wolfgang explains sensible procedures in detail and shows them Subject areas on, those for a sustainable investment current are relevant.

The market for sustainable investments grows Farther strong. The issue is raised by the banks as potential providers more and more in the foreground posed.

However, in order to invest successfully, it is essential to know the relevant terminology. This book will help you with this.

Make profits with a clear conscience - Invest successfully with the Sustainable Investment Guide.

We hope you enjoy choosing your favorite book. Treat yourself to carefree reading enjoyment as often as possible, especially in these difficult times, and you will always find books that will change your life in a positive way.

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* Due to legibility, we do not use gendering in the text. All personal designations are to be understood as gender-neutral.

1 ESG stands for environment (E), social (S) and good corporate governance (G).

Raiffeisen Capital Management stands for Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage GmbH or Raiffeisen KAG for short

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