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Areas of dentistry from Dentalplus in Wiesbaden

Dentalplus is a state-of-the-art dental practice in Wiesbaden that covers all areas of dentistry. Our dentists have various specializations and take care of your teeth with great expertise and a lot of experience. Our range of treatments includes:

Sensitive dentistry

Dentalplus in Wiesbaden is geared towards holistic treatments that ensure your dental health in the long term. Our individually tailored preventive measures, for example, serve this purpose. Should a dental treatment be necessary, the preservation of the teeth is our priority. To do this, we use the most modern processes, which you can find out about in detail on this page.

Technological progress and a wealth of experience enable us to manufacture very long-lasting, high-quality dentures. Therefore, many people go to our dental practice in Wiesbaden specifically to have their teeth completely restored. These patients are fed up with permanent visits to the dentist with new treatments. They long for their teeth to be completely and long-term in order. Very often these are patients who are afraid of the dentist - as well as patients who value dental treatments that are barely noticeable.

In our children's dentistry department, we ensure that a visit to the dentist is a positive experience. Our youngest patients particularly benefit from the sensitivity of our specialized pediatric dentists.

State-of-the-art technology in your dental practice in Wiesbaden

A particular focus of Dentalplus is the production of dentures. Artificial tooth roots, so-called dental implants, can carry “third teeth” extremely safely after a tooth loss - and the best way to keep your teeth healthy. Our in-house dental laboratory with 6 highly qualified and experienced dental technicians ensures the high-quality production of your dentures - especially from an aesthetic point of view. When making dentures, our patients benefit from the smooth interaction between dentist and dental technician.

The Dentalplus team in Wiesbaden is looking forward to your visit!

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