How do I change filters in Snapchat

Snapchat hacks: these 7 features are unpopular, but worth their weight in gold

Quickly take a photo, put a filter on it, add a funny slogan and out with it. Snapchat can do a lot more than its simple interface would lead us to believe. The possibilities of using the app and pimping up Snaps are more complex than some might assume.

Snapchat is more than the surface suggests

Not only the average user can benefit from the tricks - marketers will also find some things here with which they can use special effects or protect their account from access by third parties. Karissa Bell has identified some useful but hidden functions on Snapchat on Mashable that we do not want to withhold from you.

# 1 reactivate expired filters

It is sometimes very annoying that some filters are only available for such a short period of time and are then replaced by others. Who wouldn't have liked to savor the rainbow vomit longer? But do not worry, the popular filters are not lost forever, but can be reactivated with a trick. All you have to do is turn back the date on your mobile device.

You go to iOS devices Settings -> General -> Date & Time and deactivate "Set automatically" there; Android users only have to enter their Settings go thereDate Time and also turn off the automatic time setting. Once this has been done, you can select the appropriate date and start using the old filter.

The only drawback: you would have to remember when the filter was available. You should also correct the time and date as soon as you are done on Snapchat, because the wrong time settings can affect the function of other apps.

# 2 Use two filters

Use geofilter and an additional color or temperature filter? It does not work? All right!

You select a first filter as normal and then hold the screen down with one finger, while you can add another filter to the snap by swiping left or right as usual.

# 3 Secure your account with two-factor authentication

Especially if you use Snapchat for work, your account should be double and triple secured against unauthorized access. With double verification you are on the safe side: To activate this, you have to open the settings on Snapchat and there the Login confirmation activate. Once you have done this, you can only log in via a new device if you have previously typed in a code that was sent to your number via SMS.

# 4 change username

The contact list can get very long. In order to shorten unnecessary scrolling and lengthy searches for certain users in the future, you can change the usernames of your friends and categorize them in this way. If you add an 1 or an a in front of the actual name, the users appear first in your contact list. So if you want to send a snap to the most important contacts in the future, the list will present them to you directly and you will save yourself the search.

# 5 Expand text field for snaps

You can enlarge the text field by simply copying an empty, multi-line area in your notes app and then inserting it again in the snap using copy & paste. You do not circumvent the character limit, but this way you have more space available in which you can place your text and emojis.

# 6 Activate travel mode - save data

Before Pokémon Go hit the market, Snapchat was notorious for the amount of data and battery it used. In order not to accidentally download Snaps while on the move in the future, you can turn on the travel mode. This function prevents snaps and stories from being downloaded automatically and you can choose when the content should be downloaded - for example if you have wifi and don't have to access your mobile data.

To switch the mode on, go back to the settings and click on Settings under "More options".

# 7 use emojis as filters

To give your snaps a little extra color, you can use emojis. After you have selected one, you enlarge it by zooming with two fingers. The edges of the respective emojis are now semi-transparent and can be used very well to pimp the snaps.

In the example we have selected the campfire and placed it under the Android in the enlargement.

How many emojis you use is relatively free. The bigger one gets, the harder it is to scale another. With the emojis as a filter, you should experiment a little to achieve the best result and to be more creative.

# 8 additional hack: fake location

If you are not in Miami, but are sitting in your office in Hamburg under a cloudy sky, that doesn't matter. Because you can fake your location using the geotag hack. For this you need a fake GPS app, which can be downloaded from the app or play store. In order to be able to access the coveted locations from home, you have to open the GPS app and enter your desired destination. Now you open Snapchat, take a photo as usual and can then access the local filters of the preset location.

Do you have any other Snapchat hacks that are missing from this list? Write to us in the comments!

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