What is happening in Yemen

Questions and answers about the humanitarian disaster in Yemen

Every ten minutes a child dies from starvation or illness. Severely malnourished children are susceptible to infection. Your immune system is severely weakened. Many die from a combination of hunger and the diarrheal disease cholera.

A whole generation is lost. Schools were closed or destroyed. Children cannot go to school. The number of children's weddings is increasing. Some girls are married off at the age of eight so that the family has one less member to support.

What about the blockages?

The blockade of the ports was intended to hit the rebels in the north of the country. Ultimately, however, it has dramatic consequences for the people of the country. The warring parties take the population hostage. The geographical location makes it easy for them: Because of the blockade of sea and land routes, nobody and nothing can get into and out of Yemen. Since the people are stuck, there are no refugee movements that could worry the destination countries - there is therefore no public outcry.

It is high time that the blockade of the ports was lifted completely so that supplies can come back into the country. In regions without electricity, we work with generators in order to be able to maintain at least basic supply in hospitals and health centers. Certain vaccines and medicines also need to be refrigerated. If we run out of fuel, we will no longer be able to do so.