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Re: 1/3 = 0.333 ...?

Contribution from Skeltek ┬╗Thu 27 Feb 2014, 05:55

That is why the periodicity symbol is used.
You are right. As long as you 0.333 .... not finished writing, it is not equal to 1/3.

Yes, writing down sqrt (2) as a decimal is only useful if you want to see it rounded to a few digits. You don't finish writing here either.
Otherwise, the symbolic notation is always preferable.

One should always make it clear to oneself that there is a difference between a digit, a number, the notation and the actual one value the size represented by the number & notation.
A number in itself does not represent a quantity, but only gets its meaning in the context of the notation to be evaluated.
What is a 7 if you don't know how many places it is after the decimal point?
Which 13 does this 7 correspond to in the hexadecimal system? Evaluating "digit 7" as "value 7" is pointless if you misunderstand the evaluation instruction implied by the context of the notation or if you do not know at all.
The 3 in the seventh position has a completely different meaning than the 3 in the ninth position. And the great thing is ... depending on the number system, the meaning of the digits flows away or mixes with those of the neighboring digits.

So I ask you which arithmetic importance you assign the difference of the digit! = 3, which comes in the most infinite place? Even if something else came up, it is still a digit that has to be evaluated first, depending on the number system (binary, decimal, ... etc.) and to which a meaning has to be assigned according to its value.
In other words, if a number appears there, has a value date also been established?
Godel for dummies:
  • Undecidability - This sentence is true.
  • Incomplete - statement A: There is only one element A.
  • Inconsistent - This sentence is wrong.