Killing dogs of wolves

Wolves kill people too

Wolves kill people too

Again a whole page of newspaper that belittles the wolf. The author Bruno Knellwolf writes manipulatively that not a single person died in Europe and North America in the 20th century, which is wrong. Google the documentation from the German Bundestag about wolf attacks. It says: Only in the years 2000 to 2018 were at least 130 attacks on people registered worldwide, of which 355 people - including 31 dead, mostly children - fell victim. The attacks were predominantly of a predatory or unfounded nature. Rabies only occurs in about 8% of the cases. It is obviously the intention of Mr. Knellwolf to conceal the danger of the wolf for humans and animals, so that the referendum against the new hunting law can be accepted. I can also play down the traffic accidents and write that there was no traffic accident with fatalities in our neighborhood street and the adjacent streets. Serious journalism works differently. It is very stupid to tolerate wolves in Switzerland. I recently saw a movie where seven wolves kill two dogs in 30 seconds. Is it right that the people can vote on wolves, which brutally kill people and animals? We cannot vote whether we want to tolerate terrorists in Switzerland or not. It is high time to develop a "wolf shame" to protect humans and animals from unnecessary wolves.

December 23, 2019, 10:59:52
The wolf comes before the people by Bruno Knellwolf from December 7th, 2019

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Heimer Stephan May 12, 2021 - 10:26 pm

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What nonsense ...

What nonsense ... comparing wolves to terrorists.
Before you cite a study here, you should interpret it correctly, it has something to do with reading comprehension.
NINA Study 2002: The results showed even then that there were attacks by wolves, but the likelihood of them was very low. Between 1950 and 2002, 68 people were injured by wolves in Europe (excluding Russia) and North America, eight of which were fatal. Rabies was the cause of more than half of the attacks.
New study 2021: In the period from 2002 to 2020, the scientists found 489 attacks worldwide, of which 26 were fatal. The priority regions for conflicts are Iran, Turkey and India. The majority (78 percent) of the attacks can be traced back to a disease with rabies.

The results for Europe and North America read differently: In the 18 years there have been a total of 14 people attacked by wolves, two of which (both in North America) were fatal. Rabies has been eradicated here, only one case in Croatia could be traced back to a rabid animal.
Thus, the probability of a wolf attack is close to 0.
Mr. Pius Wihler, you should put the red cap aside.

Rafael Hermida April 19, 2021 - 7:19 pm

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Anyone who thinks like ...

Every person who thinks like this gentleman! needs a hug and a vaccination for empathy and tolerance. We are only guests on this planet, so act like a guest too! The wolf is way ahead of us when it comes to social behavior!

Ursula Büchli-… January 23, 2021 - 3:49 pm

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I'm going with Mr. Wihler ...

I agree with Mr. Wihler: There is absolutely no need for wolves here in Switzerland!

C. Anklin 09/28/2020 - 1:01 pm

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This means that in 18 ...

That means that in 18 years 31 people were killed by wolves. That's not even 2 a year. Worldwide!!! I think to speak of a real threat is almost ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people killed by dogs was significantly higher.

> Roland Bre 08/30/2020 - 12:10 p.m.

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Dear Mr. Wihler, please ...

Dear Mr. Wihler
Please do not fall into the trap like other authors and try wildly for statistics without comparing them meaningfully. Otherwise, I'll compile statistics for you that show how many people have been injured or killed by dogs in the same time period. Nobody would then want to make a law that allows the shooting of dogs ...

Rolf De Marchi 08/28/2020 - 12:11 AM

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Sharks kill people, ergo ...

Sharks kill people, ergo all sharks! In Africa, people occasionally die from lion attacks, ergo all lions. In India, tigers kill people, all tigers exterminate! Venomous snakes bite people, exterminate them! People die from insect bites, dog attacks, etc. pp. EXTRAIN EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

Nina Bro March 11th, 2021 - 9:14 pm

In reply to Sharks kill people, ergo… by Rolf De Marchi

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This is a captivating ...

That is a compelling logic. And the best part is ...
Who kills the most people ??? - The human being!!!
Ergo ... exterminate people
Then the planet and everything else that lives on it will finally have peace from the idiotic Homo Sapiens ;-)

Roger L. 08/24/2020 - 6:43 pm

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How many wolves were in ...

How many wolves were murdered by murderous people during this time? Is it high time to develop a "human shame" and to protect the environment, animals and wolves from the destructive people who roam around in masses?
How many people died in road traffic in Switzerland over the past thousand years and how many died of wolves in the same period?

Hans Wattenhofer December 25, 2019 - 12:44 am

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Quite simply Mr. Wihler, ...

Quite simply Mr. Wihler, these predators do not belong in Fehrienland Switzerland or in beautiful South Tyrol. If other parts of Europe take in and accept these predators, good luck with that.
This topic was discussed recently in the SO, with certain commentators justifying themselves with: individual cases, statistically not serious, even if the language was about the possible death of a child. My child totally unacceptable, the child of a supporter of the current situation, also totally unacceptable. So now it's time to get bear and wolf free.
And Mr. Wihler, don't be intimidated by commentators who attack you personally. I am also a subscriber to a large foreign newspaper and you never see such negative, personal attacks. I think ... why is that so.

Filip Niggli December 23, 2019 - 3:36 pm

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And who protects us from the ...

And who protects us from the strange and eternally yesterday's views of Mr. Wihler?

Jean-Marie Zogg December 23, 2019 - 3:02 pm

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In the documentation ...

In the documentation "Wolf attacks in Europe, Russia, Asia and North America" ​​from May 11, 2018, available at the German Bundestag under Link:…,
is in the section Conclusion (section 2.3, from page 6), based on Europe:
.... “The current risk of wolf attacks in Europe / Scandinavia (and also North America) seems very low, as current cases are very rare, although the number of wolves is increasing. Current estimates suggest that there are 10,000-20,000 wolves in Europe, 40,000 in Russia and 60,000 in North America. Despite these high numbers, we could find reports of only four people in Europe, four in Russia, and no people in North America who were killed by non-rabid wolves in the past 50 years. The corresponding numbers for rabies-based attacks are five, more than four, and zero. It becomes clear that the risk of being attacked by a wolf is very, very low under the current circumstances both in all of Europe and in North America »….

Pius Wihler December 24th, 2019 - 9:48 am

In reply to In the documentation… by Jean-Marie Zogg

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Even if the risk is low ...

Even if the risk may be small: IT IS A REAL RISK TO BE KILLED BY WOLVES! And that risk increases every day.

Spending the night outdoors and playing in the woods and fields is now too dangerous. Does a child really have to die first, are those responsible to act? What use would it be if an insurance company or the state “compensated” for the loss (as with the thousands of farm animals), but the child is dead? And if it were YOUR child, would you still stick to your opinion?
In 2010, a 32-year-old jogger was killed by wolves in Alaska. In Sweden, in 2012, a zookeeper was killed in the enclosure by "tame" wolves that she had raised. In America too. A tourist in Greece in 2017. Five to seven children in Spain between 1957 and 1974. In three states in India between 1980 and 2000, 274 children were killed by wolves who even entered their huts etc.

Your quoted figures show very clearly that the wolf is in no way threatened with extinction.
It was a very big mistake to sign the Bern Convention. With its dense population, Switzerland cannot be compared with other countries.

Giacumin Bass December 23, 2019 - 1:53 pm

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Dear Bruno Knellwolf ...

Dear Bruno Knellwolf ... I recently read about the plague of bears and wolves in our neighboring country; There were quite a few sheep like the incidents on the Fedaia Alm with over 40 torn animals and right over the border in Taufers and Ulten 12 torn sheep and there is no trace of just as many. It can be assumed that they are wolves from the Calanda pack, which is settled in Switzerland in the north of Graubünden. This situation has become intolerable and I feel, in a way, complicit.
Something must finally happen after the bear fearlessly even approached people and hurt them. I think now it will be uncomfortable and now the politicians should also be challenged! But there may be a rethink among our self-proclaimed bear and wolf protectors and other know-it-alls when hikers and mushroom pickers are actually attacked. Both the bear and the wolf, who once ate meat, don't have a stomachache either.

Giacumin Bass December 23, 2019 - 1:48 pm

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I allow myself as ...

As a Münstertal, I allow myself to express my personal opinion regarding Wolf. That with the bear, as well as that with the wolf, is such a thing; practically everyone finds these animals beautiful and fascinating, but opinions differ on how to deal with these alpine inhabitants! These predators, like bears, migrate enormous distances and this has created the familiar problems. Here in the Val Müstair, in the immediate vicinity of the Italian Alpine region, various bears and wolves have already set out to explore new things, to hunt flocks of sheep, to search beehives or rubbish bins. It is said that the bears are shy; all right, but if the bear is suddenly confronted with my boxer dog, then I don't know what to do. In today's world, exposing bears to wolves in this population density, I think that's pretty wrong. One can only hope that everything will go well and that one will never meet such predators! The predators had disappeared from our areas because back then there was no space. The greatest damage to date has to endure the farmers, whose anger and anger is understandable to every normal person when predators kill sheep, lambs and calves. In the meantime the population has grown, the environment has changed, the landscape has been paved with streets and buildings. You may regret this, but you cannot turn back the clock. A coexistence of bear and human is simply not possible. The bear as well as the wolf no longer have any natural hunting grounds and therefore a return cannot possibly be encouraged. It might take a really bad accident here, too, before people come to their senses again!
The wolf is a hunter and hunts with pack mates whenever possible. Smaller prey animals are killed by a bite in the throat. Larger prey is usually grabbed by the hind legs first to paralyze them. Once caught, she is often bitten in the nose and killed on the ground by bites in the throat. Its prey range extends from the mouse to the horse. However, flocks of sheep are preferred.
Question; Have you ever seen the unspeakable battlefields in our neighboring bar communities in Vinschgau where countless sheep are torn down in terrible agony? Incidentally, also from the Calanda wolves!
The pictures are very close, the population is shocked. The sheep grazed in a fenced-in field.
I saw the pictures of the sheep that were torn and those that had to be emergency slaughtered, that is very, very close to you. "
The wolf tear will have an insane impact on our farmers, and it's absurd: We always talk about free-range animals, but our farmers are now forced to lock up their livestock so that they are protected. "
A farmer; Ralf Högemann from the Vinschgau is afraid for his herd of cattle - and fears for his professional existence. Again and again wolves kill individual animals. The farmer has already lost a total of 21 cattle this year. He feels left alone by politics.
Ralf Högemann sleeps badly. The tension can be seen on his face. The farmer recently found two dead calves on his 500 hectare site near Treuenbrietzen, where 600 cattle live. They were torn - by a wolf.
It is not the first time that Högemann has made such a discovery: since March 9th until today - he keeps a meticulous record of this - a total of 21 cattle have been killed in similar incidents; in April he found the foal of his state-awarded riding pony mare torn to pieces on the ground…

Jean-Marie Zogg December 24th, 2019 - 1:16 pm

In reply to I allow myself as… by Giacumin Bass

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On the case of "Ralf Högermann from ...

On the case of "Ralf Högermann from Treuenbritzen (Germany)"

In the source on the case, see:…

but also says:

..... "" Affected farmers in Brandenburg can take advantage of offers of help from the state to protect their animals, "says the Wolf Commissioner at the Ministry for Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture (LMUL). In a situation like Ralf Högemann's, it is important to to change something about the herd security.

“With a funding measure of up to 15,000 euros, it was relatively easy to reinforce the electric fences to ward off wolves on Mr. Högemann's property. One or two more strands would be enough. "The wolf representative knows the Treuenbrietzener grounds and was there for a prevention meeting in September 2017." .......

Alois Steinmann December 24th, 2019 - 7:07 pm

In reply to I allow myself as… by Giacumin Bass

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Mr Bass, I mean it's ...

Mr Bass, I mean, it's all a question of quantity. Too large packs of wolves mean greater danger. On the other hand, 600 cattle are not the standard in Swiss agriculture either. These herds would also have to be tended or protected with dogs. The losses are also borne by the federal government for the animals killed.
In addition, there are completely different dangers in the lowlands - wild boars are rarely visible, but cause much greater damage in agriculture. The hunters are not able to reduce the animals to a tolerable level!
I think the threat from other immigrants to the population is much greater and the likelihood of being injured or robbed is much higher. Conclusion: strengthen border protection!
FG A. Steinmann

Alois Steinmann December 24th, 2019 - 7:21 pm

In reply to I allow myself as… by Giacumin Bass

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Mr. Bass do you want the ...

Mr. Bass
do they want to exterminate the foxes because they have no place in our densely populated Switzerland. There are probably more city foxes than in the country. We had a chicken yard that bordered the forest - and that's exactly why the over a hundred chickens had to be safe in the chicken house during the night. Once it was forgotten to let the slider down - and in the morning it looked like a battlefield. But at that time there was no compensation from the federal government. So you yourself are responsible and responsible.

Pius Wihler December 23, 2019 - 11:58 am

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Here you can see the short ...

Here you can see the short film of how seven wolves brutally kill two dogs within 30 seconds. Wolves are just not harmless, as they are unfortunately repeatedly mistakenly and manipulatively portrayed by the misanthropic pseudo conservationists and irresponsible organizations.…

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