Are the hotel beds clean

Bed hygiene in the hotel - so it stays clean under the sheet!

Whether a hotel room really delivers the feel-good factor that it promises guests at first glance depends largely on bed hygiene, because fresh bed linen is one thing, clean mattresses and bedding is another. The right equipment - even under the sheet - ensures an all-round hygienic bed and also saves time and money

Waterproof, soft hygiene cover / Image sources: Möbel im Netz GmbH
Hygienic mako brocade damask bed linen

On average, around 60-70 hotel guests sleep on one and the same hotel mattress each year. The difficulty here: always offering an almost clinically clean bed. It is well known that guests are more uninhibited with other people's property and show less consideration. The biggest problem is contamination from body fluids and other dirt.

But many houses do without a complete mattress cleaning due to lack of time and try to get the sleeping pad clean by vacuuming and wiping. In this case, however, clean does not necessarily mean hygienic. Germs, bacteria and impurities like to collect in the mattress and can hardly be removed with simple cleaning methods.

If, under certain circumstances, there is even mold growth, buying a new mattress is practically inevitable. But it doesn't have to be. With simple tools and the right equipment, the hotel bed becomes an inexpensive, hygienic and durable place to sleep.

Mattress hygiene covers

A hard-wearing mattress cover primarily prevents dirt and liquids from getting into the mattress. It is stretched over the mattress and - like a fitted sheet - can be washed at 95 ° C after each guest without any problems. High-quality models are insensitive to disinfectants and breathable despite a moisture-impermeable layer. This climatic characteristic is important in order to reliably prevent the formation of mold in bed. So that the guest does not feel the mattress cover, it should also be rustle-free.

Hotel mattresses

To prevent the formation of mold, mattresses with the best ventilation and excellent moisture transport should be used in hotels. Models with pocket spring core have proven themselves here. These models achieve a long service life and excellent sleep quality through a sufficient number of springs and a comfortable mattress height. In conjunction with a box spring system or a good slatted frame, the mattress can fully develop its climate-regulating properties and support.

Pillows and duvets

When choosing the right bedding, emphasis should be placed on good climatic properties and washability. While fillings made from animal hair are popular for home use, these are unsuitable for the hotel sector.

With temperature-compensating fiber fillings made of Lyocell or synthetic materials, washable duvets and pillows are also unproblematic for allergy sufferers and offer all guests an optimal bed climate. Covers with nano silver features also have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. For year-round usability, it is worth purchasing transition or mono duvets. They ensure a balanced temperature in bed both in cold winter and on hot summer nights.

Hotel bed linen

The quality of the bed linen is decisive, how often it can be washed and made up without becoming unsightly. Easy-care and hard-wearing cotton bed linen made of maco satin or maco brocade damask is characterized by a pleasantly soft feel and offers a luxurious and hygienic sleep night after night. In addition, it is very durable and perfectly withstands use in the contract sector. will be happy to put together individual and inexpensive offers as well as hygiene concepts for hotel beds.

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