What should life be like at 25


My dear Katja has achieved a lot in the last two years. And that's simply because she has worked on her mindset.

Besides, she already has HERE already written a guest column for you. Namely her birth history.


My name is Katja (on Instagram @katerinapetrik ) and am now 25.

I have a house, a husband, a child, I have a steady job, can do what I want…. because I am already grown up at the age of 25. That was roughly how I imagined my future as a 25-year-old when I was a child.

But what do I have now, at 25?

The year was 2014. I was 23. And according to my calculations, should I have a dream life in a year and a half, be steadfast in life and definitely no longer want to play with dolls. Ok, I somehow managed to do that with the dolls, but otherwise the reality looked a little different than expected.

I was already married, but at home? Job ideas? Child planning? No not true.

We lived in a 35 square meter rental apartment. I gave up my sports career, abandoned my teaching degree and started studying Slavic Studies (who needs that?). Worked as a hostess now and then and was anything but an adult. I lay in bed for hours, watching series and Guido Maria Kretzschmar was my best friend at Shopping Queen.


2015. One of the most beautiful years of my life. I was 24. Our son was born.

Ok, so I was a little closer to my dream. However, not much has changed in my head. We moved into a large and beautiful apartment, but I couldn't really do something with my life. I still didn't know what to do after graduation, how to come to the "great life".

But something had changed in me. When you become a mom, you learn to take responsibility. Other responsibilities ... You start to appreciate time more. To enjoy the little things in life. I finished my bachelor's degree and finished my master’s degree in a hurry. Learning was easier now. Strange, but I had more time. And when the semester started in April, I had already handed in all my homework by May. I learned to deal with time differently. Appreciate you.

2016, I'll be 25. Now what?

January 2016. It's my birthday in July and I'll be 25. Do I have the life I wanted as a child?

February 2016. I'm 24. My husband Max discovers a book on the Internet. "Poor dad, richThe“* By Robert Kiosaki.

This book changes the way we view money, people, our lives and ourselves. This book was the first building block. It started a chain reaction.

My parents always told me that I needed a secure salaried job. That is exactly why I decided to study teaching. To teach the ABC to children up to 65 at a village school. But was it really mine? Well ... actually not.

This book helped us pause. Rummaging in your own desires and asking yourself what you want. It took our fear away. We dared. Dare to do our thing.

According to Kiosaki's book, there were many others. Bodo Schäfers "The laws of winners"*, Dirk Kreuter with his" sales offensive ", Alex Düsseldorf Fischer" Richer than the Geissens ", Napoleon Hill" Think and get rich ", Timothy Ferris"The four hour week“*, Matthew Mockridge with his podcast. And and and…..

Once you get on this track, you will find more and more things that could be helpful and lead you to success and the life you want.

December 2016. I am 25. I have a husband, a child, my own tennis academy, and I have been approved for the dissertation in the field of Slavic Studies.

Today I can say that I have exactly what I want.
I learned to think differently.
Not seeing the money, not praising the safe job.

Paused, listened to me and wondered what I can give to humanity. What am I good at? I've played tennis all my life. Was in the Belarusian national team, why shouldn't I live my dream and not even have my own tennis academy?

In May decided to become the proud owner of an OHG in August. And not even three months later, things are going so well that I could already feed my family from it.

My initially “studying ahead” also turned out to be helpful. I grew up bilingually and can therefore speak German and Russian equally well (or badly).

Why shouldn't I also benefit people here? Explore something that another person may not be able to do and thus leave something behind.

I will start my doctoral thesis soon. Examine children's diary entries made during World War II. Describe the children's view of the war. Why hasn't anyone done that before? Why weren't they heard? A child didn't lie. It wasn't influenced politically. It had its own naive point of view. It was naive and honest, and above all towards each other. These children, who wrote from Auschwitz, labor camps, occupied Leningrad, created something unique. They knitted a thread, between the generations, to show us the suffering the little people of that time experienced. To capture those cruel stories, not to forget. This thread has the task of connecting the two worlds so that we never forget what once was. To set up a memorial and a warning sign.

Oh yeah. I can confidently say that at 25 I'll have the life I've always wanted. Just as I had imagined.

The secret was just not to be afraid. You learn from mistakes. Even if something doesn't work out, I'll know I've tried. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and realize yourselves as women and mothers!

Don't be afraid, don't just think about the money. Nothing worse than slipping in Harz 4 cannot happen in Germany. But you always have the opportunity to get up if it doesn't work at all. There is the state's start-up grant and many other things.

Don't waste your time unnecessarily on any series or unnecessary things. Plan your time and use it. Because this is precious.

And don't forget that everyone can give something to the world, something can give to people. Do what could help others and pass it on by being a professional that you are good at.

Even today I am asked for my ID when playing the lottery and sometimes I behave like 10.

You never get “grown up”. You become “more experienced”.

Best regards,