Which preservatives are added to soft drinks

Apple spritzer without preservatives?


I bought an apple juice. The bottle says: "WITHOUT preservatives". I asked the manufacturer (address on the bottle) how he does it WITHOUT, since other manufacturers use E242, for example. He does not answer.


You are well informed. E242 - the chemical name is Dimethyl dicarbonate - is a preservative that is used in soft drinks, non-alcoholic wines or liquid tea concentrates. According to the guidelines for soft drinks of the German Food Book, the use of dimethyl dicarbonate in fruit spritzers in PET packaging is common.

However, manufacturers usually do not use it as an additive, but as a Processing aid. This means that it is added to the drink in small quantities, but then breaks down into carbon dioxide and methanol within a few hours. He's in the drink later no longer detectable and also no longer has any technological effect. Such processing aids do not need to be listed in the list of ingredients.

From our point of view, however, the advertising “Without preservatives” should be viewed very critically if processing aids with a preservative effect were used.

According to the guiding principles, information on soft drinks is only common if no substances have been used that only have a temporary preservative effect, such as dimethyl dicarbonate.

From our point of view, the exemption for the labeling of processing aids is also not consumer-friendly. We can understand that some consumers want to know which substances are used in the production of food.

We can only rate the fact that the manufacturer did not answer your request as very regrettable. Customer friendliness looks different!