What are the benefits of eating bread

Why it makes sense to eat less bread.

Bread: Better reduce it or avoid it altogether. Image: pixabay.com (combination)

I beg your pardon? Should you do without bread now? Not at all! Avoid bread to add variety to your diet! Because as valuable and important as good bread is - sometimes it makes sense to eat less of it. And that has less to do with the bread and its ingredients than you might think at first ...

Indeed, bread is a high quality and good food - at least if it is not made from white flour and pumped up with numerous additives.

Bread is good - reduce it anyway!

Especially in Germany, the "land of bread", we have a good chance of getting healthy bread. And if you like to eat bread every now and then, that's okay. Make sure you have a high proportion of whole grain cereals and prefer sourdough bread with grains and nuts.

The reason why it often makes sense to reduce bread or remove it from the menu is for convenience. Because bread is especially healthy if you eat it very consciously. So if you take your time, consciously fill or spread your slice of bread in a variety of ways and consciously chew every bite.

In hectic everyday life, bread is often - and undeservedly - consumed as "fast food". It is simply much faster to cut off a slice of bread and spread it with chocolate cream than to prepare a good, varied meal.

Therefore, it is better to take the time to satisfy your hunger in a variety of ways. Fulfill your inner desire for a colorful, diverse and varied diet.

Don't substitute bread for diversity

And that is exactly why it can help you develop a healthy eating routine if you simply omit bread altogether. Because this way you won't even be tempted to eat bread instead of other foods.

Of course, this only makes sense if you don't switch to chips or noodles instead, just because it has to be done quickly. Because this is not about bread, but about conscious nutrition.

Please don't get this wrong: Bread is a high-quality food and especially in the organic sector you will find delicious, aromatic and healthy breads that are also suitable for sandwiches on the go. So good bread has a place in a healthy diet. Just don't let yourself be tempted to prefer bread for reasons of time - and to leave other foods aside for it.

Those who predominantly eat bread also usually eat processed spreads or cold cuts instead of fresh vegetables or fruit.

Eat more consciously with less bread

You can satisfy your hunger with bread. But you cannot replace a portion of vegetables and fruit with a few slices of bread. And that's exactly what our western diet lacks! According to the WHO, a lack of fruit and vegetables is one of the most important causes of cancer!

If you aren't vegan yet, start with that first. Because animal products are associated with 70% of all civilization diseases. This article is aimed at people who have been vegan for many years and are very interested in healthy eating.

More than every second citizen in Germany is malnourished and overweight or obese. And even if you may not be affected (because we reach a more health-oriented target group on Vegpool), you will also benefit from a conscious diet. It's worth your life

By reducing or avoiding bread, you create a basis for dealing more consciously with your diet. Because nutrition is much more than just eating. After all, what you put into your body is your livelihood.

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Author: editorial staff