Which companies sponsor H1B for aerospace engineers

As an engineer in the USA !?

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So, just applying for a job like that is not that easy ...
American employers have to prove that NO AMERICAN can do this job before they are allowed to hire you ... they would also have to sponsor you a green card and that takes time and is expensive.

If you can do something special that no American can do, then it looks different again ... then the employer can apply for an H1b (?) Visa, which is currently being raffled and only at a certain time (report it I'm sure there are still some who know more!)

Otherwise you could apply to a German company (or an American company based in Germany ... amazon, Google ... only examples) and after 1 year this company can transfer you to the USA (L-Visa)

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Sorry, but that's not true and is misleading.

With the common work visas (H1B, O1, L1, E2) no AG has to prove that they have not found an American. You are confusing the Labor Condition Application (at H1B) with the Labor Certification for employment based green cards. In the case of Labor Condition, the client only has to prove that he pays prevailing wage, but not that he has not found an American for it. With all work visas you have to argue what skills the candidate has and why the AG needs them in the USA, but this is not "rocket science" for most jobs with a university degree.

Here are several ways to the USA:

H1B - requires a bachelor's degree and the job must typically require one in the United States. So if you're a chemist, you can't get an H1B as a janitor. The things are unfortunately very limited and are only given once a year in April, then raffled due to the high demand and you can only start on October 1st. So relatively difficult if you don't work in one of the H1B breeding grounds such as SAP etc.

L1 - corporate transfer visa. Relatively easy to get, you have to argue special knowledge if you don't have a higher managerial position. But it's not that wild. I got my L1B with 2 years of work experience. You must have worked for the company for at least 1 year.

E2 - employee. For this, the company must have been founded by a German with E2.

O-Visa - more for artists, talents, but also works in the field of technology and business. You just have to show "awards".

The easiest way is always via L1. With all visas you are dependent on the AG, with some more, with others less.