What lies do you tell your children

The 10 Best Lies Parents Tell Their Children

Isn't it actually a scandal that we forbid our children to lie but keep doing it ourselves? Or are you very honest parents? So it’s not me. The white lie is an integral part of my educational repertoire. Sometimes works almost as well as the other big upbringing faux pas, blackmail. If I catch my son or, unfortunately, already my daughter cheating, I am of course always extremely horrified and hollow out the moral club. I wonder when my kids will find out about me. Probably the day after tomorrow. Here is a selection of my best parenting lies, maybe you will recognize yourself:

1. "Unfortunately the playground is closed today" (It's 4 pm, I'm flat, it's cold and you have new shoes)

2. "I just wanted to try what the toothpaste tasted like" (Mom has fled into the bathroom and puts half a tube of milkmaid in. It is also food for the nerves)

3. "The pacifier fairy AND the tooth fairy are coming soon and see if Constanze is still in the diapers" (Mama helps herself to the authority of fantasy creatures because she doesn't get it baked herself)

4. "This is medicine" (Mom opens the apothecary's cupboard, buries her head behind the muesli box and quickly eats a delicious Aldi brittle, son discovers mom inflagranti)

5. "The ironing pearls have to sleep today" (I just sucked)

6. "Unfortunately I am allergic" (Yes, also to goldfish.)

7. "The lightsabers are unfortunately sold out" (Yes, "all over the Internet")

8. "The government decided it was so" (Angela, hiiiilf)

9. "This will give you bad teeth" (The whole family plus ancestors have good teeth and have always eaten tons of sugar, but it doesn't matter)

10. The classic I've already heard: "You get square eyes" (ask grandma, that's really true!)

And what (distress) lies do you tell your children?

Photo: © Gabi Eder / Pixelio.de