How many women accept men who wear panties

Women really like men in these underwear

Not least since the annual panty festival of the lingerie manufacturer "Victoria's Secret" has become a kind of pop cultural highlight, women's underwear has been the focus of public interest. What's hot this year? Top? Silk? Mesh? Is push-up back in fashion, and will we pull our thong panties up to our arms again this season, 80s-esk? Jeez, there is so much to be amazed and to discuss, you have no idea. What, on the other hand, has been certain for year and day: A cheeky packaging can make even the toughest contents look really exciting.

We come to you. What are you wearing right now, while we are here so intimately together? Do not you know? Do you care? Is that what you grabbed from the underwear drawer this morning with your eyes still closed while you were half asleep? Well, well, well. We need to talk urgently. Because, in the name of equality, we shouldn't just talk about what Gigi, Bella and their friends are wearing under their high-waisted jeans. But also about your underneath. About what underwear women like to see on men. And for what you receive a dismissal directly. (Sex tip: how to spoil your partner properly during oral sex)

Boxer shorts

Not only do I find difficult. Many women, with whom I discussed the male lingerie question, are anything but enthusiastic about boxer shorts.

I understand that this type of underpants scores with the comfort factor. But the big pants are not hot. Especially not when a man has passed a certain age, sorry not sorry. If a 22-year-old sports student wears boxer shorts, it can have its charm because it looks so impetuous and somehow cute and sexy. Seasoned men, however, quickly look a little desperate in boxer shorts, because they look would-be-casual. You see, at my age I don't wear my little pony briefs any more. So ... seldom. And if so, then only on request.

Well, let me put it differently. Continue to wear your boxer shorts when it is most comfortable for you. But for the sake of your partner, promise me this: Forget models with “funny” prints. No Homer Simpson, no Spiderman, no Spongebob. Instead, dare to wear plain-colored boxer shorts in black, gray or white. Your queen of hearts can also live well with it.

Men's briefs

The slip is popular with men of the 50+ generation. And by those who prefer a tight fit and good grip instead of lurching around. Personally, I think men's briefs, especially in pure white, are anything but wrong, I prefer them a thousand times over boxer shorts, if I'm honest. But I seem to be pretty much alone with this opinion - at least among my friends. This, I suspect, is to blame for the old-fashioned image. Not even the legendary Armani campaign could change that, for which David Beckham was photographed in 2007 wearing only white men's briefs (with surgery!). It's a shame actually.


No. So no. Never.

Down without

Another no-no, unless you have your premiere rendezvous in the swingers club or on the nudist beach. Normally, however, downstairs without is a real turn off for most women, because it is simply unhygienic. I mean, after ten hours in the office, theory has to be defeated by practice in this case too. We only allow an exception if you are fresh out of the shower and on your way to your sex date. Then the great freedom to the south is quite cheeky again. (Tip: This is how it works with spontaneous sex)

Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs are not just the little brothers of boxer shorts. They are also the answer to the question of which underwear women prefer to see in men. Why? Because nothing flutters and dangles here, everything is in the right place. And that is clearly visible. Drool. Because boxer briefs are nice and tight and give us an idea of ​​what is hidden under the fabric. The difference to men's briefs? The cut. It's just cooler with a leg.

When it comes to boxer briefs, there are really only two things to consider. First, you shouldn't sit too tight or too wide. Second: You are always well advised with a classic color choice: black, dark blue, gray or white are your friends. Then it doesn't matter whether you decide on a pair of Calvins, manage to get a copy of Supreme or buy from the Swedish clothing giant. (Also read: These are the trends in men's underwear)

Bonus Sexiness Tip: Forget That Old Dick Pic Without Anything. Instead, shoot yourself in your black boxer briefs, pull the waistband just below the pubic line and take a photo of it. And now you send that to your girlfriend and write: "Are you coming over?" Whoa.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and You can find out more about the author here.