How do you read a family tree

If this book and the characters' family tree hadn't been so confusing, it would have been great read.

The sapphire blue room
by Karen White Beatriz Williams Lauren Willig

Rated 2 stars

“Many cooks spoil the bread” is a famous saying and for me it fits this book perfectly. Three women authors who are writing a book just can't always work out. Too many influences were at work here for me. I liked the blurb very much and I had hoped for a lot from it. Unfortunately, my expectations could not be met. Every now and then there was a little romance, but with this novel I was less able to deal with the lovers, because I had to figure out the family tree of the respective people all the time. Who was with whom again and who is the father, were they siblings or cousins, or are they not related at all? Are they even allowed to love each other? If you only have to ask yourself this once, that's fine, but those questions just came up too often. Everyone seems connected and it was just too much. I had a piece of paper next to me about who is who and who it is from. Otherwise I would not have been able to keep up. I would have loved it if the Kate Schuyler and Cooper Ravenel part could have been read as a love story and they gradually discovered secrets. But here it was three different generations of the same women who met three generations of the same men and fell in love each time. Since much was not cleared up immediately, one was left confused until the next part continued. One switched back and forth between 1892, 1920 and 1940.
Personally, I always thought I was living in the wrong time and love used to be easier. You met, you fell in love, you were together, you got married and only then did you sleep together. Nowadays we have to test everything before we keep it or give it back. This has both advantages and disadvantages. But this book showed me very clearly that love is always complicated, no matter what time you live in. We women are definitely better off today and you can tell that too. We are no longer dependent on a man and thus choose someone of our own free will. In the past, women had to think about their future and about a provider. It was important to her. This, of course, had advantages for men that today's men no longer have. Men today just have to make more effort to get and keep a woman, because a woman is no longer dependent on them. So we women are happy about it. And the men can be happy when we are with them voluntarily.
Unfortunately, I tormented myself a bit with this reading and it took me forever to read it, which is why I cannot rate it very well. It would have had a lot more potential.

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