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How can the efficiency of the shipping company be increased? Cooperation with the carrier is the key to success


The order for the transport of goods is linked to the search for a carrier who is ready to transport the cargo on a specific route and under specific conditions. This is particularly annoying when the freight forwarder has to contact several or even a dozen companies - and not all of them respond immediately to the offer. Then you have to check them and possibly negotiate tariffs. Read how you can simplify the cooperation with carriers and make it more effective.

Challenges of modern freight forwarding

The work of the freight forwarder requires careful planning, but also good relationships and perfect communication with customers - both with the carriers and with the companies who commission the transport. Inadequacies usually lead to losses and delays in delivery. Therefore, it pays to focus on the activity Group of good carriers focus on what is meant by trustworthy and reliable companies.

Creation of groups with your own carriers

The platform has a module with which you can create groups of carriers. A freight forwarder can use his contractor according to the routes they have traveled and the vehicles available to them group. This not only affects the size and payload of a vehicle, but also the type of body or additional parameters: refrigerated vehicles or vehicles with cranes. All of this enables you to have one quick selection of carriersthat can potentially take on a specific job. The time and labor savings associated with contacting a given company can be huge here, and the greater the scope of the activity, the greater the profit. You can invite any company to join the group, but it is worth focusing on those with whom we have had good experience working with. You can also check the opinions and reviews, insurance and transport documents, as well as quality certificates by looking at the profile of the potential partner on the platform.

The platform enables the cooperation of freight forwarders, carriers and manufacturers who are looking for subcontractors for the transport. It was designed to do the To shorten the time for the start of cooperation between the contracting company and the carrier.

Communication with carriers on

Communication is through one automated sending of a request to the companies previously selected by the freight forwarder or shipper. This can be done directly on the platform without using email or phone calls. The establishment of the cooperation takes place after the Selection of the optimal offer among the carriers who are ready to take the job and whose price is satisfactory.

An interesting way to optimize costs is to use the Check market prices for specific routesprovided you are carrying similar cargo. This type of cost comparison, as well as access to the negotiation history with the carriers, enables you to make a quick and informed decision about the cooperation. It facilitates the selection of a carrier for a single order, but also enables long-term cooperation with several established companies that offer the best value for money.

Haulier tools that make things easier

The platform also creates additional opportunities for both carriers and companies that order transports. One of them is the permanent one Monitoring the cargo. The freight carriers can provide the location of their trucks at all times so that the goods can be tracked without having to contact the transport company. Another extremely important function is the ability to provide information about all obstacles and the fact that the loading zone is being entered. All of this makes it possible to automate transportation management, reduce its costs and eliminate many organizational problems.

In view of the fact that in the transport industry the simple cooperation, the stability of the invoices and the lack of organizational problems are the basis for a long-term cooperation, it is worthwhile to use all the possibilities of the platform.

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