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Sexual Identity and Orientation

Do you have a question or concern about sexuality, relationships, or identity? Important contact points are there for you.

The lilli.ch team will be happy to answer your questions. It consists of specialists from the fields of medicine, sexual counseling and sex therapy, as well as psychology and psychotherapy. You can ask lilli.ch questions, no matter how old you are. Lilli.ch answers questions about sexuality, contraception and safe sex, love and relationships, physical development, personal problems and problems with violence. Not sure whether lilli.ch can help you with your question? Just set them up. If lilli.ch cannot answer them, you will receive tips on who can help you.

Bernese health
Talking About Sex and Love: Questions? Doubt? Do you need someone to talk to We at Berner Gesundheit will be happy to advise you (free of charge). Everything we discuss stays between us. Regardless of which canton you are from, we look forward to answering your questions about sexuality and love by email at [email protected]

du-bist-du.ch | Sexual and Romantic Orientation ยท Gender identity
Are you unsure if you are into women, men, multiple genders or nobody? Do you have questions about your life or your sexual and / or romantic orientation? Are you having trouble coming out? Are you unsure whether you are really a woman / a man? Write to the peer counselors for you-are-you: They are young and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, aromantic, pansexual or queer.

Act 212 | Reporting office against exploitation
Mila (14) spends more and more time in chat rooms. There she meets Leo. Leo poses as her dream prince. Mila falls madly in love and only spends her time with him. Later, Leo is said to be in need of money. He asks Mila to sleep with one of his "friends" who would then settle the debt. Mila agrees; she does it for love. The alleged "friend" was a suitor; she only becomes aware of this later. Mila has fallen into a trap that she can hardly get out of on her own. If you are familiar with this story, we recommend that you seek advice (addresses here).

Sexual Health Specialists
Numerous specialist centers offer confidential, low-threshold and free advice on the following topics: pregnancy, abortion, contraception, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, sexual violence as well as gynecology and andrology. The specialist offices are open to everyone, including you. Many support offers are free of charge.

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