What is a star connection

Internet, television etc .: Which cables do you need?

(pk) Flexibility, mobility and individuality place high demands on our forms of living and working. More and more people are working at least partially at home or, in times of pandemics, involuntarily switch to the home office. It must be possible to convert the apartment at short notice, depending on requirements. Individual bedrooms are now standard for some couples. Children say goodbye to the dollhouse and learn to use modern means of communication at an early age. This development requires an infrastructure that is similar to the network of many offices.

Bundling of connections

Instead of pulling different connections into the house as before, the communication channels are gradually merging. Thanks to the fiber optic connection and broadband cable, data transmission for television, telephony and internet can be bundled without any problems. Telecommunications companies, local energy providers and cable network operators provide the appropriate fiber-to-the-home connections. The basis for their unhindered use is laid by installing additional internal cabling for multimedia and IT devices when building a house. In the past, individual telephone connections were moved into the corridor or the living room, today the cables are laid in a star shape in the individual rooms. This means that every room is provided with a hub that guarantees connection to the Internet, telephone, TV and radio. The connections themselves are in the best case a fiber optic cable that can cope with the rapidly developing trends in modern communication. Sufficient cabling offers a lot of flexibility. In this way, a bedroom can be quickly and easily converted into a study.

A standard cabling

In the age of communication, more and more data is being transmitted faster and faster. A home owner can therefore not avoid equipping his property with an appropriate basic infrastructure. Their use should be based on the needs of the residents in a room-specific manner.

  • A central distribution box is installed in the house, which bundles all house connections for telephones, fiber optics and television cables, among other things.
  • Where this is not possible, an upgraded satellite connection can provide the diverse multimedia broadband services.
  • A rising shaft connects the house connection with the apartment distributor.
  • From this distributor, star-shaped cables (glass fiber or coaxial for data transmission from 100 Mbit / s) are drawn into all rooms.
  • Each room has a multimedia socket with access to the Internet, telephone, TV and radio.
  • The interfaces for house connection and internal development are standardized, which avoids duplication in the network infrastructure.