Flipkart has turned into a scam company

eCommerce: flipkart.com customers, Brand Report 2019

Statista Global Consumer Survey

In India, flipkart.com was the second most popular online shop in the past 12 months and 85% of customers mostly use their smartphones when shopping online.
Did you know that 91% of flipkart.com customers in India also use amazon.in?

Find out more with the '' eCommerce: flipkart.com customers, Brand Report 2019 ''.

What's in it?
  • Competitive environment
  • Customer profile
  • Customer journey

Note: The report is only available in English.

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This brand report for flipkart.com is based on the results of the Statista Global Consumer Survey and data from ecommerceDB.com. It offers a deeper insight into the competitive environment, the customer profile and the customer journey of flipkart.com in India.


  • Market overview
  • Key findings

Competitive landscape
  • Competitor ranking (1/2)
  • Competitor ranking (2/2)

Customer Profile
  • Demographics
  • Income
  • Income and age
  • Household classification
  • Type of community
  • Online shopping attitudes

Customer journey
  • Drivers toward online shopping
  • Device usage
  • Online shopping
  • Online vs. offline shopping
  • Online behavior
  • Social media usage
  • Advertising touchpoints

Competitive landscape

  • Online stores used to purchase items from in India
  • Other online stores used by flipkart.com customers

Customer Profile